BlueSync for Palm

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Click Here To Buy Now! Only $19.95BlueSync for Palm是一個備份工具,可以將儲存卡、閃存等裡的數據備份到系統上,是專門為有擴展卡插槽的Palm設計的。 它使用方便,可以查看存儲卡上的信息,支持多種存儲卡,可以直接與系統建立同步文件夾。

開發商:Blue Squirrel
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Why Choose BlueSync?

Because BlueSync will make a back up of your card on your PC when you HotSync. If this was all you ever did with BlueSync it would be worth the cost. But you can do more. BlueSync does a full synchronization with a directory on your PC, allowing you to copy files into your PC directory, HotSync, and automatically transfer the files to your Palm card.
  • Fast - After the first HotSync, BlueSync transfers the changed or new files.
  • Smart - Delete a file on the PC and BlueSync will remove it from your Palm, and keep an archive.
  • Quick - One HotSync backs up a card.
  • Convenient - After you purchase you can download and use your copy immediately.
  • Valuable - How much is your data worth? BlueSync prevents the damages and heartaches caused by lost data.