WeOnlyDo! Ftp DELUXE Component

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WeOnlyDo! Ftp DELUXE Component是一款支持加密和解密的ftp文件傳輸控件。

開發商:WeOnlyDo! Software Inc

採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


  • FTP,FTP + SSL的使用和不加密的數據通道,和SFTP(SSH的子系統)協議
  • 如有的認證證書,或私鑰身份驗證協議用於 SFTP
  • 內部解析收到的目錄列表 - 讓名,大小,所有製等。 直接從我們的界面,通過 DirItems集合
  • ASCII和Binary 兩種傳輸模式的支持下,無論服務器允許他們或不
  • ListDir和ListNames方法目錄列表
  • PutFile和的GetFile存儲和檢索文件
  • PutData和的GetData存儲和讀取數據直接從服務器
  • 支持恢復
  • 主動和被動數據連接的FTP和FTPS協議
  • 阻塞模式的支持(僅在COM版本)
  • 設置的事件通知您關於方法項目建成
  • 超時支持
  • 重命名,創建目錄,刪除文件和目錄 ... 等等。
  • 資源管理器一樣的窗口,讓客戶完全訪問的文件
  • 殼牌圖標 - 讓圖標看起來就像他們是在本地驅動器
  • 上下文菜單,完全可定制
  • 設置為用戶交互事件
  • 複製 /粘貼到剪貼板,並從
  • 鍵盤支持
  • 排列圖示依您的標準


  • FTP, FTP+SSL with and without encrypted data channel, and SFTP (SSH subsystem) protocols
  • Certificate authentication where available, or privatekey authentication for SFTP protocol
  • Internal parsing of received directory listings - get names, sizes, ownerships etc.. directly from our interface, through DirItems collection
  • Both ASCII and Binary transfer modes supported, no matter if server allows them or not
  • ListDir and ListNames methods for directory listing
  • PutFile and GetFile for storing and retrieving files
  • PutData and GetData for storing and reading data directly from the server
  • Resume support
  • Passive and Active data connections for FTP and FTPS protocols
  • Blocking mode support (only on COM version)
  • Set of events that notify you about method completition
  • Timeout support
  • Renaming, creating of directories, deletion of files and directories......

........ and much more. But - in ActiveX GUI version you have also

  • Explorer-alike window to allow clients full access to files
  • Shell icons - let icons look just like they are on local drives
  • Context menus, completely customizable
  • Set of events for user interaction
  • Copy/Paste to and from clipboard
  • Keyboard support
  • Arrange icons by your criteria