WeOnlyDo! Pop3 Server Component

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WeOnlyDo! Pop3 Server Component是一款pop3服務器的activex控制部件,能夠讓你很容易的把pop3功能添加到你的應用程序中去。

開發商:WeOnlyDo! Software Inc
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WeOnlyDo! ActiveX控件的COM Pop3Server是一個組件,可以很容易地集成到你的應用程序服務器提供全面的POP3協議的執行情況。 所有您需要做的是把它放在VB的形式,調用它的 啟動 方法和它的立即接受連接你的客戶! 它完全支持在RFC1939中定義的命令。


使用您喜歡的郵件客戶端(如Outlook Express或Eudora)來閱讀郵件提供自己的應用程序。 如何? 這很簡單:只是把wodPop3Server控制表單,添加一些代碼和它周圍的所有安裝使用。

如果你不喜歡加入額外的代碼-它的罰款wodPop3Server。 它仍然可以工作,拒絕所有的客戶(不良的用戶名/密碼錯誤)。 但是,如果添加登錄功能使用'連接'事件(這是比較容易的部分-設定 行動 = 允許 特定的用戶名/密碼組合)。 不過,如果你想真正的POP3服務器應用程序,看看更多的本地支持插座相關材料-你剛剛找到它。

你應該照顧訊息 - wodPop3Server沒有休息

wodPop3Server將處理與客戶和連接 - 你必須處理的消息。 一旦新用戶登錄到您的POP3服務器,您需要提供什麼樣的信息,對他的郵件。 這實在是一件容易的事。 如果你把所有的電子郵件在單獨的文件,這只是偉大的使用與 wodPop3Server。 如果您希望保持它在一個大的文件 - 我們不會論辯。 您可以指定文件名,開始和結束位置為每封電子郵件的郵箱,WeOnlyDo! wodPop3Server將它傳遞給遠程客戶端輕鬆。 但是,您可能有一些小問題,因為維持這樣的郵箱,有時它需要刪除郵件,更改狀態等等。 但不要擔心 - 這一切完成後,用戶可以註銷。

General information

WeOnlyDo! COM Pop3Server ActiveX control is a component that can be easily integrated into your applications to provide full Pop3 protocol server implementation. All you need to do is to put it on VB form, call it's Start method and it's immediately accepting connections by your clients! It fully supports commands defined in RFC1939.

Usage model

Use your favorite mail client (such as Outlook Express or Eudora) to read mail provided by your own application. How? That's easy part: just put wodPop3Server control on your form, add some code around and it's all setup to be used.

If you dislike adding additional code - it's fine by wodPop3Server. It will still work, and reject all the clients (with bad username/password error). But, if you add login capabilities using 'Connected' event (that's easy part - set Action = Allow for specific username/password combination). Still, if you want to make real POP3 server application, look no more for native support for socket related material - you just found it.

You should take care of messages - wodPop3Server does the rest

wodPop3Server will deal with clients and connections - you must deal with messages. Once new user logs on to your POP3 server, you need to provide any kind of information about his mail. This is really easy task. If you keep all the emails in separate files, that's just great for usage with wodPop3Server. If you prefer to keep it in one large file - we will not argue about it. You can specify filename, starting and ending position for each email in mailbox, and WeOnlyDo! wodPop3Server will pass it to remote client with ease. However, you might have some small problems maintaining such mailbox since sometimes it needs to delete messages, change status, etc.. But don't worry - it all can be done after user logs off.