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In 2007, Optimum Output launched Optimum Output Research and Development. OO R&D's objective is to create simple products that solve the most common problems that businesses face. The Business Process Recorder (BPR).BPR is incredibly simple. No complex menus. Just a beautiful and easy interface that records processes, step by step, as you do them, which you can later export to Word, PowerPoint and PDF.GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, and Otterbox are just some of the companies who rely on BPR. Check out the video to see how you too can benefit from BPR.

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BPR Testimonials:

"I see the BPR product as the foundation for building our near term operations efficiency and long term company value" - Dan Lawton, Ad Operations Manager, LiftDNA.

"We are committed to improving quality and to implement repeatable processes. We are using BPR as the standard tool to acheive this objective" -Jon Speed,CEO, DST

"I was just stopped in the hall by our QA manager. He thanked me for getting BPR to his team- they have been ‘crazily’ recording various procedures.In the past this was nearly impossible, and... hard to work through. But with BPR, it’s easy. They love it"-Vicki Dylan, Director of Training, Workwise