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輕鬆發送您的 Flash通過電子郵件給任何人,任何地方! 使用我們的高級用戶跟踪,查看詳細信息,每個用戶的互動你的簡報!

開發商:PointeCast Corporation

採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 



隨著 Helius的演講,您可以添加新的交互式功能,您的在線演示,其中包括:
  • 音頻敘事: 敘事錄製和同步為您介紹它與你的幻燈片和動畫。
  • Flash動畫: 輕鬆添加Flash圖形,電影,應用程序和視頻到您的PowerPoint幻燈片。
  • 小測驗和調查: 創建交互式Flash測驗和調查,選擇9個不同的問題類型。
  • 目錄: 集團根據第幻燈片標題,可快速方便的導航轉換演示。


現在您可以輕鬆地轉換您的新的和現有的PowerPoint演示文稿到在線 Flash演示,完成自己的旁白。 您的員工,客戶和合作夥伴將欣賞你的藝術觀賞的靈活性,隨時隨地與任何標準 Web瀏覽器。 轉換的PowerPoint到網絡,它就像PowerPoint中在線。


對於先進的在線培訓,Helius的主講人(專業版)創建符合SCORM(1.2和2004年)和AICC兼容的內容,可以很容易地上傳任何學習管理系統(LMS),如Helius的學習管理平台。 Helius的學習管理門戶網站是一個基於 Web的學習管理系統,提供先進的分配,管理和跟踪選項 - 在您可以承受的價格。 

Rapid Authoring

With Helius Presenter you can add new interactive features to your online presentation, including:
  • Audio Narration: Record a narrative for your presentation and synchronize it with your slides and animations.
  • Flash Movies: Easily add Flash graphics, movies, applications, and video to your PowerPoint slides.
  • Quizzes & Surveys: Create interactive Flash quizzes and surveys, choosing from nine different question types.
  • Table of Contents: Group slides under section headings for quick and easy navigation in the converted presentation.

Flash Presentations

Now you can easily convert your new and existing PowerPoint presentations into online Flash presentations, complete with your own narration. Your employees, customers, and partners will appreciate the flexibility of viewing your presentations anywhere, anytime with any standard Web browser. Convert PowerPoint to web, and its like having PowerPoint online.

Online Training

For advanced online training, Helius Presenter (Professional Edition) creates SCORM (1.2 and 2004) and AICC compliant content that can be easily uploaded into any Learning Management System (LMS) such as Helius Learning Management Portal. Helius Learning Management Portal is a web-based LMS that offers advanced distribution, management, and tracking options - at a price you can afford.