Foxit PDF Page Organizer

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Foxit Software

市面上能夠將可影印檔轉化為PDF文件的PDF創建軟件,品種繁多且價格合理。 然而,當涉及到一些後續處理工作比如合併不同的文檔、重排頁面、組合書籤等等,您經常需要使用像Adobe Acrabt 這樣價格不菲的工具。

Foxit PDF文件頁面管理工具將成為那些價格昂貴、操作複雜的工具的可靠的替代品。 它能夠獨立顯示頁面而無需第三方軟件的支持(比如Adobe Acrobat閱讀器),因此,您可以輕易的知道您所做的每個步驟。

開發商:Foxit Software Company, LLC.
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


Foxit PDF頁面管理工具專業版不僅可以拆分、合併、重排PDF頁面,還能夠創建書籤,方便用戶更高效地瀏覽文檔。 同時,專業版還提供創建註釋功能。 所做的註釋可以被設置成在部分或全部的文件頁中顯示或打印出來。 如果您想在PDF文檔中加入像註解、或版權標誌之類的信息,Foxit PDF頁面管理工具將是一款非常有用的軟件。


Foxit PDF頁面管理工具V2.93主要在添加新功能和強化舊功能兩方面作了大幅度的提升改進,具體如下:

  • 文件關聯: 增加了.ppo文件與Foxit PDF頁面管理工具的關聯,只要雙擊.ppo文件即可自動用Foxit PDF頁面管理工具打開。
  • 旋轉預覽: 對頁面的旋轉增加了預覽功能,通過預覽窗口您便可隨時查看頁面的旋轉效果。
  • 多行標註 完善了對多行圖章和文本標註的支持,允許您通過Foxit PDF頁面管理工具為頁面添加多行標註。
  • Unicode支持: 完善了標註對Unicode的支持。
  • 全新的UI: 統一化的界面風格更加方便您的使用。
  • Bug修復。


There are a number of affordable PDF creators on the market that can convert printed documents to PDF files. Foxit PDF Page Organizer provides a reliable alternative to those expensive and complicated tools. It displays an overview page without any additional software, so you can easily know what you are working on.

The Pro Version

Foxit PDF Page Organizer Pro allows you to not only split, merge, and reorganize pages in your PDF document, but also create outlines (bookmarks), so that your readers can browse the document more efficiently. In addition, it enables you to create annotations for your PDF documents. Annotations can be displayed or printed in some or all the pages of your documen

What's New in Version 2.93?

Foxit PDF Page Organizer Version 2.93 Build 080116 has introduced some new features and enhancements listed below:

  • File Association: Version 2.93 creates .ppo file association automatically. To open a .ppo file with Foxit PDF Page Organizer, you just need to double-click on it.
  • Rotating Preview: You can now preview page rotation in the Preview window.
  • Multi-line Annotations: Now you can insert multi-line stamp or free text to the designated pages with Foxit PDF Page Organizer.
  • Unicode Support: Better Unicode support for annotation editing.
  • Streamlined UI: The User Interface has been redesigned thoroughly, making organizing your PDF files much easier.
  • Bug Fixes.