Foxit PDF Editor

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Foxit Software


開發商:Foxit Software Company, LLC.

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  • 準備打印一份PDF文檔,卻突然發現有幾處地方文字打錯。
  • 想填寫一份電子PDF表單,但發現表單無法填寫。
  • 從同事那兒接收了一份PDF文檔,想修改一下再發送給別人。
  • 想將多份PDF文件整理成一份PDF文檔。

  現在,有了Foxit PDF Editor,您便可以輕鬆解決以上問題。 作為唯一一個真正的PDF編輯器,它不像其他所謂的“PDF編輯器”只能對註釋和有限的頁面內容進行修改,而是能夠對任何PDF文檔的頁面內容進行各種編輯修改。 您不但可以選擇、插入、修改、刪除、旋轉、複製、粘貼文字、圖像和圖形,插入、導入、導出、刪除頁面,還可以對版面進行編輯。 完成編輯操作之後,您可以選擇對結果PDF文檔進行打印、保存或另存等操作。 請點擊以下鏈接查看Foxit PDF Editor的詳細功能。


  • 輕鬆修改PDF文檔內容
  • 以所見即所得的方式實現可靠、方便的編輯
  • 無需了解PDF格式知識
  • 快捷、完美的PDF頁面顯示
  • 簡潔、清晰的用戶界面
  • 體積小巧、輕鬆下載
  • 安裝後只佔據些許硬盤空間
  • 支持多國語言顯示
  • 價格實惠


Have you ever faced one of the following challenges?

  • You are ready to print out a PDF file, and suddenly find some typos.
  • You want to fill out a PDF form electronically, but realize it is non-fillable.
  • You receive a PDF file from your colleague and want to make some changes before forwarding it to others.
  • You want to consolidate several PDF report files into a single PDF document.

Now, with Foxit PDF Editor, you can easily meet the above challenges. Foxit PDF Editor is the only real PDF editor. Unlike other so-called "PDF Editor", which only works with notes or limited page contents, Foxit PDF Editor allows you to modify any page contents within any PDF document. You can select, insert, change, remove, rotate, copy and paste texts, images, graphics and shadings. You can insert, import, delete pages or design page layout. After you finish editing, you can print out the result PDF file or save it to overwrite the original file or create a new file. To find out more details about the actions Foxit Editor enables you to perform on a PDF file, please click on the following links:

Key Benefits

  • Modifies any contents of any PDF file
  • Edits document intuitively, in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get way
  • Requires no inside knowledge of PDF file format
  • Displays PDF file fast and perfectly
  • Presents a simple and neat user interface
  • Packs in a small downloadable package
  • Occupies small hard disk space after installation
  • Supports multi-language PDF content
  • Is affordable