GroupDrive Collaboration Suite

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GroupDrive協作套件包含3個部分:GroupDrive服務器,GroupDrive客戶,GroupDrive Web界面。

開發商:South River Technologies, Inc.
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GroupDrive可簡單地訪問您的文件,從任何地點,任何時間。 該 GroupDrive服務器介於互聯網和數據,並提供一個安全的中心方法來訪問您的文件以外的企業網絡。 遠程辦公的員工可以訪問和共享信息,無需昂貴的企業虛擬專用網或遠程訪問軟件。 學生受益,有機會獲得類文件和作業,甚至在校園外。 GroupDrive整合現有的用戶身份驗證服務器允許一個單一的安全登錄的執行情況。 用戶可以訪問他們的數據使用任何Web瀏覽器,或附加的功能,通過使用我們的虛擬專用 GroupDrive驅動技術的Windows。
用戶可以輕鬆創建共享工作區。 創作者可以定義的工作區的行動,其他用戶可以對文件和文件夾的工作區。 文件還可以與客戶和合作夥伴分享您的組織以外,派遣快速連結,而不是笨重的電子郵件附件。
GroupDrive支持加密會話使用業界成熟的SSL(安全套接字層),以確保您的關鍵業務文件。 GroupDrive還支持第三方客戶端證書,確保您的用戶身份驗證之前,正在進入被授予GroupDrive服務器。
由於 GroupDrive是很容易使用,成本大大降低培訓。 您的用戶可以訪問,編輯和共享文件,通過一個映射的驅動器號 - 同樣的方式,他們訪問自己的個人電腦上的文件。 用戶還可以選擇使用一個直觀的瀏覽器界面,使他們安全地訪問文件,從任何一台計算機。

GroupDrive Collaboration Suite

GroupDrive is a business-class file and document collaboration product. Businesses can use GroupDrive to securely collaborate over the Internet without the inherent problems of e-mailing attachments. Because your files are stored in a central location, users always have the most current version of a document. The GroupDrive Server provides secure file storage and backup for your important business files and documents.

With easy file sharing and real-time document collaboration, GroupDrive gives your team a secure private business network that lets you work at the speed of business.

The GroupDrive Collaboration Suite consists of 3 components:

  • GroupDrive Server - a secure WebDAV server for storing and collaborating on files. GroupDrive uses WebDAV over SSL.
  • GroupDrive Client - Virtual drive connection to the GroupDrive server enables users access and save files from within any Windows or Mac application.
  • GroupDrive Web Interface - A simple and intuitive interface that allows users to store and collaborate on documents from any machine with a Web browser and Internet access.
Access Your Files From Anywhere

GroupDrive provides simple access to your files, from anywhere, at any time. The GroupDrive Server sits between the Internet and your data and provides a central, secure method to access your files from outside the corporate network. Remote workers can access and share corporate information without expensive VPNs or remote access software. Students benefit by having access to class files and assignments, even while off campus. GroupDrive integrates with existing user authentication servers allowing a single secure sign-on implementation. Users can access their data using any Web browser, or for added functionality, by using our exclusive GroupDrive Virtual Drive technology for Windows or Mac.

Share Documents Easily

Users can easily create shared workspaces. The creator of the workspace can define the actions that other users can take on the documents and folders in the workspace. Documents can also be shared with customers and partners outside of your organization by sending QuickLinks rather than bulky e-mail attachments.

Keep Important Files Secure

GroupDrive supports encrypted sessions using industry proven SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), to secure your critical business documents. GroupDrive also has support for third-party client certificates, ensuring that your users are being authenticated prior to access being granted to the GroupDrive server.

Reduce Training and Support Costs

Because GroupDrive is so easy to use, the cost of training is greatly reduced. Your users can access, edit, and share documents through a mapped drive letter – the same way that they access files on their own computers. Users also have the option of using an intuitive browser interface, allowing them secure access to documents from any computer.

GroupDrive offers the most mature drive-mapping technology on the market, a robust and secure WebDAV server and the convenience and simplicity of a well-designed Web interface.