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MsgSave 使用一款允許你採用.msg 格式保存所選擇的信息,導出和有所選擇地從Outlook 移動信息以便存檔或者備份之用的Outlook 插件。


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MsgSave是一個行業領先的Outlook電子郵件存檔工具。 隨著最近公佈 MsgSave優化版本5標準,Pro和遙控器,你的公司能夠獲得更大的收益比以前。

隨著 MsgSave你可以控制你的電子郵件管理:

  • 刪除之前保存的電子郵件 
  • 防止電子郵件超負荷 
  • 結構你的電子郵件
  • 分享電子郵件
  • 不要依賴於 Exchange服務器
  • 保存大量電子郵件附件
  • 電子郵件管理公司  
  • 創建您的信箱空間 



設計使用戶可以在Outlook中同時存檔,它提供了管理人員快速訪問電子郵件和集中staff也幫助防止法律訴訟如Sarbanes - Oxley法案(SOX)等案件被確定為公司的法律規定,以永久保存,存檔並迅速檢索所有的電子郵件。

What is MsgSave?

MsgSave is an industry leading Outlook email archive tool. With the recent release of MsgSave Verion 5 in Standard, Pro and Remote, your company can receive even greater benefits than before.

With MsgSave you can control your email management:

  • Save emails before deletion 
  • Prevent email overload 
  • Structure your emails
  • Share emails
  • Dont rely on Exchange Server
  • Save large email attachments
  • Company email management  
  • Create space in your mail box 

MsgSave enables users to archive outlook emails, as well as store, manage and retrieve email across the whole organisation ensuring regulatory compliance, business continuity and ediscovery.
As organisation data volumes increase, the requirement to cost effectively store and archive email records has become essential.

The solution is a fast, searchable email archiving with intelligent email management control, transparency and reduced information risk.

Designed so the user can archive while in outlook, it provides managers with fast access to centralised staff emails and also to help protect against law suits such as the Sarbanes-Oxley (Sox) case which identified the legal requirement for Companies to permanently save, archive and quickly retrieve all email.