Scan Manager

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採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

紙文件,難以運輸,搜尋,分享,或管理的業務流程或工作流程。 為了充分受益於關鍵的優勢, G360的BPM系統,重要的是組織不是有限的,而核心數據被困在紙張文件。 當信息是停留在文件夾或坐在辦公桌,傳真機,或在郵箱,它拖延的員工無法完成任務,並成為一個路障的工作流程。其結果是:進程拖延,窮人信息可用性,降低效率。

G360 Scan Manager 變換掃描紙質文件,表格,發票,合同或其他類型的記錄-成電子圖像和數據的即時可用的G 360的B PM解決方案。 一旦轉換,數據是與案件有關的檔案和管理的分配規則。 它可以很容易地檢索,調閱和共享這些授權訪問,並可以自動經由業務流程的工作流程。

G360 Scan Manager 提供高容量的文檔捕獲功能和支持多種掃描站集中或分佈式郵件配置。 有效的文件捕獲優化自動分類的大量掃描網頁,沒有任何人為乾預。 G360 Scan Manager 利用掃描圖像前處理功能,提高可讀性,採用先進的光學字符識別引擎,消除或減少的數額後的索引和質量控制中提取所需的數據。

 G360 Scan Manager 還提供遠程位置的高速掃描功能,其中包括條碼識別,一批魚鉤和顏色的支持。 轉移一批掃描圖像的中央系統很容易G360 Scan Manager 的優化網絡性能的能力。


  • 更快的文件和數據採集與更少的錯誤
  • 降低運營成本相關的存儲,檢索,傳真,複印,航運紙質文件
  • 最大化吞吐量,同時盡量減少人力參與

Global 360 Scan Manager

Global 360 Scan Manager transforms paper documents-forms, invoices, contracts, or other types of records--into electronic images and metadata that are instantly usable within the Global 360 solution. Once converted, data is linked to associated case files and is managed by the assigned rules. It can be easily searched, retrieved, and shared by those authorized to access it, and can be automatically routed through business process workflows. 

Global 360 Scan Manager provides high-capacity document capture features and supports multiple scanning stations in centralized or distributed mailroom configurations. Effective document capture is optimized for automatic classification of large numbers of scanned pages without human intervention. 

Global 360 Scan Manager also provides remote-location high-speed scanning capabilities that include barcode recognition, batch hooks, and color support. Transferring batches of scanned images to the central system is easy with Global 360 Scan Manager's optimized network performance capabilities.