Mindjet Apps for iPhone and iPad

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開發商: Mindjet
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Visual maps on the go

The mapping canvas maximizes your available screen, making more space for your maps. You gain 18% of the screen real estate on average compared to other mapping apps!

Integrate with Mindjet Connect

Access your files anywhere and from any device. Take your work on the go while still staying in sync with your team at all times. Mindjet Connect is free and can be accessed from within any Mindjet mobile application. Learn more


Powerful in-context menu

Menu at your fingertips! Copy & paste, cut, delete and save branches as a new map.

Finger slide topic creation

Just slide your finger to create a new topic! To minimize tapping, all gestures for common tasks — create, edit, move, delete, expand and collapse – require no more than 2 taps.

Large map navigation

Makes browsing large maps a breeze. The real-time display indicates the position of all topics including your current location.

Mindjet File Format Support (.mmap)

Read and save maps created with MindManager. Map attributes created in MindManager are preserved after editing in Mindjet mobile app.