Mindjet for Android

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Quick and Easy Information Capture

Use it for note taking, brainstorming, or creating tasks. Manage supporting information via attachments, links, notes.

Feature Packed

Mindjet for Android comes loaded with powerful features accessible through an intuitive menu. Mapping features, text styling, topic styling, relationships, and tools (attach, links, export, etc).

Works on Hundreds of Android Devices

We don’t care who makes your Android device. As long as you’re running on Android OS 2.1 or later, we’ll support it.

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android file tags

File Tagging

Use custom keywords to organize and sort your Mindjet files. Makes it easier to search for maps as well.

Gesture Shortcuts

Bring the most common commands right to your fingertips with dozens of gesture shortcuts.

Mindjet File Format Support (.mmap)

Read and save maps created with MindManager. Map attributes created in MindManager are preserved after editing in Mindjet mobile app.

Join millions who are working more powerfully

Every day around the globe, leading companies like IBM, Coca-Cola and 3M use our solutions to better manage and share information. They use MindManager to visualize information and turn it into real results. Creating new ways of doing, collaborating and succeeding.