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Mindjet Maps for That

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Embed maps in SharePoint sites so users can find information, documents and locations quickly. Read, edit and create maps without downloading software.

Map & File Sharing

Sharing Content Made Simple—Easily share your maps and files with anyone in your company.

Security & Administration

Fully leverages SharePoint infrastructure for security, compliance, governance, and business process management.

Embedded Maps

Embed your map into a SharePoint site, so anyone using the site can see the contents of the map without having to open it.


Go from project conception to execution. Create and manage project dashboards that show task status by individual, so you can remain on top of projects and items due and stay in sync with your team.

SharePoint Linkers

Search SharePoint Tasks and visually organize them with SharePoint Documents, Sites and other information so that users can find information faster.

Create Task Dashboards

Easily create a task dashboard for whole teams or for a single individual.

Maintain Current Information

Task information reflects the current SharePoint status, such as “tasks due next week”.

The Power 
of Visualization

An intuitive visual framework that allows you to capture and organize ideas and information helping your team to solve problems, prioritize strategies, plan projects, and process information together.

SharePoint Based Mapping Client

Collaborate with your extended team to capture and organize information quickly and efficiently.

Attach Documents, Insert Links, & More

Provide easy access to documents, links and locations in and outside of SharePoint by adding them to your information map.

Call Outs, Images, Tasks & Icons

Call attention to important information by adding priority, images or icons to your map, allowing viewers to quickly grasp the big picture.