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一般的應用程式通常只具備一、兩項主要的功能來做為其軟體推行的特色,但是 FileWrangler 卻具有相當多的檔案管理功能;雖然,每個功能並沒有像其它功能專一的應用程式具備進階的用途,但是對於一般的使用者來說這些功能已經是相當的足夠了。 

開發商:CursorArts Company

採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

FileWrangler 中具有以下的功能特色: 
● 多重檔案的顯示視窗。 
● 整合的 Zip/Unzip 功能,包含分片壓縮及製作自解壓縮檔的功能。 
● 安全防護選項讓檔案管理者可以隱藏檔案格式、資料夾及磁碟機,並且還具有許多的檔案管理功能。 
● 具有將檔案從磁碟中清除 (Wipe) 的功能。 
● 可為檔案進行編碼保護及檔案解碼的功能。 
● 具有整合在 FileWrangler 的檔案內容檢視功能。 
● 內含繪圖程式。 
● 簡易的文字編輯器。 
● Html 文字編輯器。 
● 備份/還原及檔案分割的功能。 
● 具有 Patch file maker 的功能。 
● 整合了 FTP client 端的功能,可以直接從 FTP server 上下傳檔案。 
● 檔案的複制、更名、搬移、刪除…等一般的檔案管理功能。 
● 快速連結/開啟常用資料夾及檔案的功能 …等 

FileWrangler has now had a complete overhaul of the user interface, renaming engine, and direction for filewrangler has so much that is new, yet still familiar, it would take a manual to explain it all. 

Key features:
  • Built for 10.5 and higher
  • Completely new modular, drag-and-drop interface
  • QuickLook support, to preview your files before renaming
  • Folders as well as files may be renamed
  • Save interface choices as sets and choose sets to load upon application launch
  • Save multiple violation character sets
  • Multiple levels of undo, even after renaming a batch of files
  • The Toolbox: your filtering and renaming tools are a click, or a drag, away
  • File list view options for icon, file path, file size, and more
  • Sort the file list by clicking any column header
  • Delete individual line items to target your intended files more directly
  • Automatic updates thanks to the hard work on the Sparkle Framework
  • Live preview of your interface changes keeps you informed of the effect of your choices at all times
  • Options for protecting yourself from critical invisible, system, and application files