LiveProject Project Collaboration

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LiveProject Gantt Chart view
LiveProject Project Collaboration是一個項目管理的協同工具,是你能找到的與Microsoft Project 文件協作最簡單的方式。
LiveProject Project Collaboration能夠實現項目組成員間的協作溝通,讓項目的進展更加明確清晰。 使用該軟件只需要管理層安裝Microsoft Project,而項目組成員不需要;項目的管理者可授予項目組成員一定的權限,對項目進行一定的編輯或刪除。

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  • 微軟 ®是項目經理只需要誰更新項目計劃。
  • 團隊成員並不需要安裝有Microsoft ®項目。
  • 團隊成員可以建議修改,添加和刪除任務的項目計劃。
  • 管理者可以自定義團隊成員可以進行更改(允許字段/鎖定字段/必填)
  • 所有的建議得到批准/拒絕了經理在實際的計劃是更新。
  • 建議可在幾乎每一項工作領域,包括自定義字段。
  • 建議和變化是顯而易見的'活'給所有與會者。
  • 項目計劃及文件可以共享與第三方公司通過我們的LiveProject服務器。
  • 項目概況酒吧提供健康服務處一目了然。
  • 簡單,直觀的用戶界面最小化需要的培訓。
  • 安裝需要5 minuttes或更少:立即開始合作。
  • 儲蓄接近百分之八十類似辦公室的Project Server ®解決方案

LiveProject Project Collaboration Features

  • Microsoft Project ® is only needed for the managers who update project plans.
  • Team members do not need to have Microsoft Project ® installed.
  • Team members can make suggested edits, additions and deletions of tasks to the project plan.
  • Managers can customize how team members can make changes (Allowed fields/locked fields/required fields)
  • All suggestions are approved/rejected by the manager before the actual plan is updated.
  • Suggestions can be made on nearly every task field, including custom fields.
  • Suggestions and changes are visible 'live' to all participants.
  • Project plans and documents can be shared with third-party companies via our LiveProject Server.
  • Project overview bar provides health-at-a-glance.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface minimize the need for training.
  • Setup takes 5 minuttes or less: Start collaborating immediately.
  • Savings of close to 80 percent of a comparable Office Project Server ® solution.