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ExcelFIX是Microsoft Excel文件恢復工具,幫你修復由於各種原因無法正常打開的Excel文件。

開發商:Cimaware Software
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  • Excel中顯示了一個錯誤,不允許你打開該文件。
  • 您可以打開您的Excel文件,但它顯示錯誤或不能正常工作。

為什麼 ExcelFIX最好的解決方案在市場上?

這是唯一的方案,恢復所有要素和重要的細節在一個 Excel文件。 超過 8年的不斷更新而在溶液中以最好的質量,可靠性和速度。 下面是一些原因ExcelFIX是一個獨特的產品:

  • 所有公式 ExcelFIX是最實用的軟件恢復公式。 這是唯一的一個,例如,可以恢復名稱,外部引用和多頁不等。
  • 圖表 ExcelFIX是唯一的軟件實用程序,恢復圖表。
  • 單元格批註 只有ExcelFIX恢復細胞的意見。
  • 準確的細胞形態 ExcelFIX是唯一一個合併的單元格,並恢復保存字體,邊框,顏色和圖案完全相同的原始XLS文件,沒有失真。
  • 形象 ExcelFIX是唯一的嵌入式軟件,恢復圖像。
  • 其他重要因素 只有ExcelFIX其他因素,如復甦組和大綱,分類匯總,打印機設置和分頁符。

為什麼 ExcelFIX一個安全的解決方案,以恢復損壞的Excel文件?

  • 保密 您的文件永遠不會離開你的電腦。 整個恢復過程是安全地完成自己的計算機。
  • 免費評估 在您購買的程序,你可以評估它是免費的。 該節目的觀眾可以讓你看到詳細結果,將恢復的文件,然後再購買。
  • 退款保證 您將您的Excel文件或恢復你的錢回來。
  • 有條件的支持 我們將在那裡如果你在任何時候需要幫助。 我們很自豪能夠提供絕對最合格和最個性化的客戶服務和技術支持。
  • 無病毒和間諜軟件的自由 我們所有的產品是經過數字簽名,保證他們的來源。 ExcelFIX是唯一的同類軟件,其中包括一個數字簽名,將確認其真正來源。 您可以檢查簽名通過右鍵點擊文件並選擇安裝的選項屬性。
  • 如果沒有修改原始文件 這將修復XLS的Excel文件,而不需要修改原始文件以任何方式,它確保不會有進一步的損害。
  • 一個既定的解決方案 我們一直在改善OfficeFIX套件為8年。 我們的客戶的反饋和我們的專業知識使我們能夠不斷提高恢復能力的ExcelFIX新類型的腐敗所出現的。
  • 沒有驚喜 Excel XLS中恢復數據需要重新創建該文件完全由一塊一塊。 複雜的逆向工程操作是必需的。 如果不進行仔細的文件,結果不會有它的所有對象和原始資料。 經ExcelFIX將保證這些元素是正確還原。

What problems does ExcelFIX solve?

  • Excel shows an error and does not let you open the file.
  • You can open your Excel file but it shows errors or does not work correctly.

Why is ExcelFIX the best solution in the market?

It is the only program that recovers all elements and the important details in an Excel file. Over eight years of continuous updating result in the solution with the best quality, reliability and speed. Here are some of the reasons why ExcelFIX is a unique product:

  • All formulas. ExcelFIX is the software utility that best recovers formulas. It is the only one, for example, that can recover names, external references and multi-sheet ranges.
  • Charts. ExcelFIX is the only software utility that recovers charts.
  • Cell comments. Only ExcelFIX recovers cells comments.
  • Accurate cell appearance. ExcelFIX is the only one that recovers merged cells and that preserves fonts, borders, colors and patterns exactly as in the original XLS file with no distortion.
  • Images. ExcelFIX is the only software that recovers embedded images.
  • Other important elements. Only ExcelFIX recovers other elements such as group and outline, subtotals, printer settings and page breaks.

Why is ExcelFIX a safe solution to recover corrupt Excel files?

  • Confidentiality. Your files never leave your PC. The entire recovery process is performed safely in your own computer.
  • Free evaluation. Before you purchase the program you can evaluate it for free. The program's viewer lets you see detailed results of the recovered file before you buy.
  • Money-back guarantee. You will restore your excel file or your money back.
  • Qualified support. We will be there if you need assistance at any time. We are proud to provide the absolute best qualified and most personalized customer and technical support.
  • Virus-free and spyware free. All our products are digitally signed to guarantee their source. ExcelFIX is the only software of its kind that includes a digital signature that will confirm its true source. You can check the signature by right-clicking on the installation file and selecting the option Properties.
  • Without modifying the original file. It will repair XLS Excel files without modifying the original file in any way, which guarantees that there will be no further damage.
  • An established solution. We have been improving the OfficeFIX suite for eight years. Our customers' feedback and our expertise allows us to constantly increase the recovery capabilities of ExcelFIX for new corruption types as they arise.
  • Without surprises. Recovering Excel XLS data requires recreating the file entirely piece by piece. Complex reverse engineering operations are required. If not performed carefully the file that results will not have all of its objects and original details. Having ExcelFIX will insure these elements are restored correctly.