Polar ZIP Component

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Polar ZIP Component是一個完整的壓縮解決方案適用於任何Windows應用程序。 它包括標準的壓縮和解壓縮功能,自解壓模塊和流壓縮庫在一個產品增強了完整的源代碼,無需額外費用。

開發商:Polar Software
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

Polar ZIP Component現在也包括了。NET中提供完整的源代碼,使更加容易實現所有先進的壓縮功能,在您的應用!
Polar ZIP Component非常適合個人,小型企業和企業軟件開發商和準備,以應付任何及所有壓縮和解與解壓挑戰你扔了麼!

  • 解壓縮文件的壓縮和解或要求
  • 壓縮數據庫字段
  • 包裝準備分發的文件
  • 自動備份
  • 壓縮和解壓字符串直接在內存和緩衝區
  • 內存壓縮文件轉換,反之亦然
  • 創建多部分檔案
  • 創建加密的自解壓文件使用256位密鑰的高級加密標準(AES);
  • 壓縮你的應用程序數據文件,不管你用它在您的桌面計算機,計算機網絡(Intranet)或互聯網服務器

Polar ZIP Component now also includes .NET with full source code which makes it so much easier to implement all the advanced compression features in your applications!
Polar Zip Component is ideal for individual, small business and enterprise software developers and is ready to meet any and all zipping & unzipping challenges you throw its way!

  • zipping or unzipping files on demand
  • compressing database fields
  • packaging files ready for distribution
  • automating backups
  • compressing and decompressing strings and buffers directly in memory
  • memory to zip file conversion and vice versa
  • creating multi part archives
  • creating encrypted self-extracting files using the 256-bit key Advanced Encryption Standard (AES);
  • compressing your application data files, no matter if you use it on your desktop computer, computer network (intranet) or Internet server