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Click to enlargePrintFolders可以將文件及文件夾列表打印成一個簡單清楚的文件。 它的主要功能包括:列出所有目錄樹,指定或拒絕相應文件,按名稱,擴展名,大小或日期排列文件。

開發商:Stratopoint Software
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您可以目錄你的MP3音樂,照片,軟件和任何你想用一個單一的點擊鼠標。 PrintFolders提供三個自定義輸出格式:HTML,純文本和無格式的純文本。 HTML可以包括直接鏈接到列出的文件,無格式的純文本可能被用於電子表格和數據庫程序。 輸出的文件是明確的和容易理解的。
輸出文件格式,可定制,以適合您的需求:你可以過濾文件被列入該名單如何設置的外觀和該文件將位於。 PrintFolders是特別有用的上市MP3音樂,因為它可以利用的ID3標籤。“自定選字”選項是很有用的編目文件之前刻錄到CD或DVD,特別是如果你要去的地方的清單文件在同一光盤。 該文件夾瀏覽器和最方便的選擇是直接從主窗口。

You can catalogue your MP3 music, photos, software and anything you want with a single click of mouse. PrintFolders offers three customizable output formats: HTML, plain-text and unformatted plain-text. HTML can include direct links to the listed files, unformatted plain-text may be used with spreadsheet and database programs. The output files are clear and easily understandable.

The output file format can be customized to fit your needs: you can filter files to be included, set how the list will look and where the file will be located. PrintFolders is especially useful for listing MP3 music because it can make use of ID3 tags. The "Custom root" option is useful for cataloguing files before burning them onto a CD or DVD, especially if you're going to place the list file on the same disc. The folder browser and the most of the options are accessible directly from the main window.