Total Access Emailer

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Microsoft Access Email with Total Access Emailer from FMS
Total Access Emailer可以讓用戶和開發人員把Access數據庫中存儲的信息作為Email創建並發送。

開發商: FMS
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 該電子郵件地址在您的Microsoft Access數據庫是一項寶貴的資產。 無論是客戶名單,員工,朋友,前景,或其他聯繫,電子郵件提供了一個有效的方式與他們溝通。 想像一下你的電子郵件的力量合併,與所有其他資料,以便每個人。

發送電子郵件合併與您的Microsoft Access數據是一個單元與總訪問 Mail電子郵件。 生成個性化的電子郵件為大家在您的表或查詢。 電子郵件可以在文字和/或HTML格式,你甚至可以嵌入或附加的個性化(過濾)數據和訪問報告,為每個收件人。

Total Access Emailer is the most popular Microsoft Access email program. The email addresses in your Microsoft Access databases are a valuable asset. Whether it's a list of customers, employees, friends, prospects, or other contacts, email offers an efficient way to communicate with them. Imagine the power of your emails by merging that with all your other information for each person.

Sending emails merged with your Microsoft Access data is a snap with Total Access Emailer. Generate personalized emails for everyone in your table or query. Emails can be in text and/or HTML format, and you can even embed or attach personalized (filtered) data and Access reports for each recipient.