Ace Reporter

ACE Reporter是一套標準VCL組件允許你輕鬆的建立復雜的報表。

開發商:SCT Associates
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


  • 無限水平SubData樂隊使主從報表變得輕而易舉。
  • 我們獨特的SmartTotals功能使多層次的分類匯總易於使用,並有助於防止錯誤。
  • 即時預覽讓您檢視報告,但同時它仍然是發電。
  • 預覽報告可以被保存到磁盤供日後觀看或打印。
  • 預覽模式或可非模式,讓您作為開發人員的控制,使用戶的數量或限制的靈活性是必要的。
  • 您可以創建自己的自定義預覽表格中添加或刪除功能內置的預覽工具。 例如,當打印支票或發票,您可能需要有更多的控制權可用的功能在預覽屏幕上。
  • 內置的預覽器具有分屏功能,讓您可以查看兩方面的同一份報告,或者兩個不同的報告一邊按一邊。
  • TwoPass功能讓您顯示頁X的Y,或做複雜的計算。
  • 標籤是偉大的複選框顯示布爾值。
  • 備忘錄文本的充分理由支持,備忘錄可以跨越多個頁面。
  • ReserveSpace屬性可以讓您控制寡婦和孤兒在您的報告。
  • 覆蓋樂隊讓你模擬形式,或打印水印在您的報告。
  • OnDataStart和OnDataSkip事件讓你重寫邏輯控制標準跳過遍歷數據庫,打印報表,甚至比從其他來源的數據庫。
  • 表達變量讓你使用所有的權力德爾福計算值將顯示在報表上。
  • 子帶讓你休息一階邏輯上分成獨立章節中打印。 這是有用的,如果一個部門需要延伸,以適應備忘錄或圖形。 它還允許你有選擇地壓制不同路段的基礎上的數據。
  • 該CustomLabel組件給你一個OnDraw事件做自定義打印到畫布上。
  • 設計時預覽讓您快速確認您的報表佈局,以屏幕或打印機不用重新編譯您的應用程序。
  • FAST的按鈕,將彈出一個對話框,讓您快速填充您的報告文本和數據標籤使用拖放操作簡單。
  • 該樂隊經理讓您輕鬆添加刪除和組織秩序的樂隊和團體在您的報告。
  • 最小/最大最小化按鈕,讓您的工作報告,對其他領域的形式。
  • 中既有格式和代碼25條碼可以打印在報表上。
  • 32位版本支持打印的富文本備忘錄在您的報告。
  • 新的診斷報告是想擁有自己的技術支持人員的工作人員。您的報告,分析成分,並確定有許多共同的錯誤的屬性,似乎是設置不正確。
  • 概覽報告是您的報表設計文件。它打印最常用屬性你的報告組件和標籤在一個有組織的格式作為文檔或辦公桌檢查您的報表佈局。
  • 新的調色板,您可以對齊對齊標籤在整個樂隊德爾福的內置校準工具不起作用

Here are some of the features that ACE Reporter Professional offers you:

  • Unlimited levels of SubData bands make Master-Detail reports a breeze.
  • Our unique SmartTotals feature makes multiple levels of subtotals easy to use, and helps prevent errors.
  • Instant Previewing lets you view the report while it is still generating.
  • Previewed reports can be saved to disk for later viewing or printing.
  • Previews can be modal or non-modal, allowing you control as a developer to give the user the amount of flexibility or restriction that is needed.
  • You can create your own custom preview forms to add or remove features in the built-in previewer. For example, when printing checks or invoices, you may want to have greater control over the available features on the preview screen.
  • The built-in previewer has a split screen capability to allow you to view two areas of the same report, or two different reports side-by-side.
  • TwoPass capability lets you display Page X of Y, or do complex calculations.
  • Checkbox Label is great for displaying boolean values.
  • Full justification of memo text is supported, and memos can span multiple pages.
  • ReserveSpace property lets you control widows and orphans in your reports.
  • Overlay bands allow you to simulate forms, or print watermarks on your report.
  • OnDataStart and OnDataSkip events let you override the standard skipping logic to control the database traversal, or even print reports from sources other than databases.
  • Expression variables let you use all the power of Delphi to calculate values that will display on the report.
  • SubBands allow you to logically break one band up into sections that print independently. This is useful if one section needs to stretch to accommodate memos or graphics. It also allows you to selectively suppress different sections based on the data.
  • The CustomLabel component gives you an OnDraw event to do custom printing to the canvas.
  • The design-time preview lets you quickly verify your report layout to screen or to printer without recompiling your application.
  • The FAST button brings up a dialog that lets you quickly populate your report with text and data labels using drag and drop simplicity.
  • The Band Manager lets you easily add delete and organize the order of bands and groups in your report.
  • Min/Max button lets you minimize the report to work on other areas of your form.
  • CODE39 and CODE 25 format barcodes can be printed on the report.
  • The 32 bit versions support printing of RichText memos in your report.
  • The new Diagnostic Report is like having your own tech support person on staff.  It analyzes your report components and identifies many common mistakes for properties that appear to be set incorrectly.
  • The Overview Report is documentation of your report design.  It prints most of the common properties of your report components and labels in an organized format for use as documentation or for desk-checking your report layout.
  • The new alignment palette lets you align labels across bands where Delphi's built-in alignment tool does not work.