ALLText HT/Pro

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[ALLText Screen Capture]ALLText 是一個非常易於使用的,用於顯示和處理RTF 與HTML 格式數據的ActiveX / OCX 控件,功能超過Textbox和Rich Textbox, ALLText可以根據需要創建更靈活,更強的文字表達和編輯功能。

採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

ALLText HP/Pro特點

  • 顯示和編輯文字字體在多個同時 和字體特點:
    • 字體名和字體大小
    • 粗體, 下劃線, 斜體,刪除線,超和標
    • 顏色 和 自定義陰影
  • 段落格式 (每款):
    • 對齊: 中心,左,右,或左/右對齊
    • 邊距: 左側和頂部,以及懸掛,右側和底部縮進
    • 垂直間距: 空間之前,之後,和行間距,大小也製表
  • 剪切,複製和粘貼 -包括應用程序之間的格式保存, 剪切/複製文本從ALLText 並 粘貼到Microsoft Word
  • 字體表操作 -直接管理文檔的字體表,促進平穩和快速變化的字體,如:改變一切宋體25pt以斜體 在瞬間
  • 背景透明 -查看其他控制或圖像形式背後ALLText
  • 背景圖片 -捲軸背景圖片的文件-它的位置在任何地方,甚至移動動態-偉大的動畫,特殊效果;水印,...
  • 支持靈活的打印 -打印完整的文件或指定的網頁,末頁添加事件支持頁眉和頁腳,指定利潤率和安置,包括水印
  • 強大的搜尋 搜尋文字和/或格式
  • 超文本標記的短語 -可用於書籤或特殊領域;事件觸發的點擊,的DblClick和鼠標/鼠標進入/離開標籤的詞組
  • 嵌入的OLE對象 -大,包括位圖,電子表格或圖表。 服務器是需要列入或編輯,而不是為了觀看
  • 嵌入式圖像 -嵌入和查看BMP和WMF的,保險公司條例和JPEG圖像
  • 數據意識到 -使用ALLText HT/ Pro作為綁定控件的備忘錄或二進制字段
    (支持在Visual Basic只)
  • 絕對定位選項卡 -使用左,右,和中心的標籤
  • 撤消支持 撤消用戶通過代碼的變化
  • 全部拖放支持 -拖放內ALLText之間ALLText和其他管制,甚至和其他應用程序之間ALLText
  • 超平滑滾動 - programmably控制滾動至2個像素一次。
  • RTF格式支持 -加載和保存的RTF文件具有完全的字符格式的文件的交換與其他獨立的應用程序
  • HTML支持 -可選許可證附加帶來的RTF和HTML到一個控制-即使從RTF格式轉換或從HTML -參見HTML支持下面的描述
  • 表支持 -可選許可證附加使創建表,顯示,編輯-見下文表支持簡介

ALLText HT/Pro Features

  • Display and edit text in multiple simultaneous fonts and font characteristics:
    • Font name and font size
    • Boldunderlineitalic, strikethrough, super and subscripts
    • Colors and Custom Shadowing
  • Paragraph Formatting (for each paragraph):
    • Alignment: centered, left, right, or left/right justify
    • Margins: left and top, as well as hanging, right and bottom indents
    • Vertical spacing: space before, after, and line spacing, also Tab Stop size
  • Cut, Copy and Paste - including preservation of format between applications; cut/copy text from ALLText and paste it into Microsoft Word
  • Font Table Manipulation - Directly manage document font tables, facilitating the smooth and rapid changing of fonts; eg: change all Arial 25pt to italics in an instant
  • Background Transparency - See other controls or form images behind ALLText
  • Background Images - Scrolls background image with the document - Position it anywhere, even move dynamically - great for animation, special effects; watermarks, ...
  • Flexible Print Support - Print complete document or specified pages, EndPage event support for adding Headers and Footers, Specify margins and placement, include watermark
  • Powerful Search Search by text and / or by formatting
  • HYPERTEXT tagging on phrases - can be used for bookmarks or special fields; events triggered on Click, DblClick, and mouse/cursor enter/leave tagged phrase
  • Embedded OLE objects - great for including bitmaps, spreadsheets, or graphs. A server is needed for inclusion or editing, but not for viewing
  • Embedded Images - embed and view BMP, WMF, ICO and JPEG images
  • Data Aware - use ALLText HT/Pro as a bound control to a memo or binary field
    (Supported under Visual Basic only)
  • Absolute Tab positioning - Use left, right, and centered tabs
  • UnDo Support Undo User Changes through code
  • Full Drag and Drop support - drag and drop within ALLText, between ALLText and other controls, even between ALLText and other applications
  • Ultra Smooth Scrolling - programmably control scrolling down to 2 pixels at a time.
  • RTF support - load and save RTF files with full character formatting for exchange of files with other stand-alone applications
  • HTML Support - Optional license add-on brings RTF and HTML into one control - Even convert from RTF to or from HTML - see HTML Support description below
  • TABLE Support - Optional license add-on enables table creation, display, editing - see Table Support descripton below