Chant SpeechKit

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Efficiently manage speech recognition and synthesis with SpeechKit 6Chant SpeechKit是一個語音開發包,可以把文本朗讀出來,也可以把語音轉換為文字。

開發商:Chant Inc
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Chant SpeechKit是由現成的應用軟件組件可以處理複雜的語音識別和語音合成。 這些組件減少編程必要努力構建軟件,說話和傾聽。

隨著 SpeechKit,你可以提高應用程序的方式:

  • 控制應用程序的功能,而不必使用鼠標或鍵盤;
  • 提示用戶適用的數據採集;
  • 捕獲數據說話,而不是打字;及
  • 確認數據採集與音頻的承認。

你可以擴大目前的應用能力與 SpeechKit方式:

  • 歸檔記錄的反應,除了結構化數據;
  • 執行域約束增強數據的準確性;
  • 集成交互式幫助提高生產力和
  • 解放與無線連接應用程序的訪問。

Feature Summary

Chant SpeechKit is comprised of application ready software components that handle the complexities of speech recognition and speech synthesis. The components minimize the programming efforts necessary to construct software that speaks and listens.

With SpeechKit, you can enhance application modality by:

  • controlling application functions without having to use a mouse or keyboard;
  • prompting users for applicable data capture;
  • capturing data by speaking rather than typing; and
  • confirming data capture with audio acknowledgement.

You can expand current application capabilities with SpeechKit by:

  • archiving recorded responses in addition to structured data;
  • enforcing domain constraints for enhanced data accuracy;
  • integrating interactive help for higher productivity; and
  • liberating application access with wireless connection.