Lassalle AddFlow for ActiveX Control

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AddFlow是一款ActiveX控製程序,允許你快速創建流程表應用程序。其功能包括為每個圖表中的對象 (節點或者連接線)分配不同的顏色,字體,形狀,風格,圖片,文字等。 節點移動後仍然保持連接。支持Metafiles文件,支持序列化,多層撤消/重 做,打印,縮放,貝塞爾曲線和样條曲線,轉移連接,連接跳躍,多選,卷屏,用戶數據連接,圖形瀏覽。

開發商:Lassalle Technologies
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

AddFlow是一個ActiveX控件,讓您快速建立流程圖的應用程序。 功能,如不同的顏色,字體,形狀,樣式,圖片,文字等,對每個對象圖(節點或鏈接)可供選擇。節點移動時保持連接。 圖元文件的支持,系列化,多層次的撤消/重做,列印,縮放,貝塞爾曲線和樣條曲線,自反鏈接,鏈接跳躍,漸變的顏色,鏈接自動佈線,風俗形狀,多選,滾動,用戶數據關聯,導航圖。 運行時分配版稅自由。AddFlow允許建立一個圖表:
  • 以交互方式(您可以建立一個完整的沒有任何programmation圖)
  • 以programmaticaly(因為它提供了一套自動化的OLE對象,屬性和方法,例如允許創建一個節點在給定的位置)

AddFlow is an ActiveX control that lets you quickly build flowchart-enabled applications. Features such as distinct colors, fonts, shapes, styles, pictures, text, and so on for each object of the diagram (node or link) are available. Nodes stay connected when moved. Metafiles support, serialization, multi-level undo/redo, printing, zooming, Bezier and spline curves, reflexive links, link jumps, gradient colors, link autorouting, custome shapes, multiselection, scrolling, user data association, navigation in the graph. Runtime distribution is royalty free. AddFlow allows building a graph:
  • either interactively (you can create a full diagram without any programmation)
  • either programmaticaly (because it offers a set of OLE automation objects, properties and methods allowing for instance to create a node at a given position)