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SmartZone光學字符識別工具包,使開發人員能夠進行帶狀區域光學字符識別,帶狀區域在表單處理應用程序中經常使用。 本產品所包含的.NET控件以及ActiveX COM組件在內部使用兩種單獨的識別技術來共同校驗處理結果,因此能有效提高識別的準確率。 ImagXpress Standard以及ScanFix Xpress Lite產品包含在了本產品中,用於圖像處理、圖像清除以及TWAIN掃描功能。

開發商:Pegasus Imaging
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


SmartZone通信中心是擠滿了一定的功能,使保持聯繫更容易。 快速檢查你的電子郵件和語音郵件從同一個地方,管理您的帳戶和您的地址簿連接到一個通用的通訊簿。



聽你的語音郵件直接從 SmartZone ®通訊中心則回應或轉發的電子郵件!

收聽語音郵件消息當您上網,然後回應或發送給其他人一起作為電子郵件。 您可以收聽到語音信箱的任何命令,無論何時收到時,並指90天的通話歷史記錄任何時候。


發送電子賀卡的節日或特殊場合。 他們獲取所需的保費增強功能,如Outlook / Mac同步,德騙子及汽車交配備份和恢復(1 59.95美元的價值,免費與您的康卡斯特HSD的訂閱)

全新SmartZone ®日曆可以讓你安排一切在你的生活,就在一個地方上網。



The SmartZone Communications Center is packed with features sure to make staying in touch easier. Quickly check your email and voice mail from the same place, manage your accounts and connect your address books into one Universal Address Book.

Retrieve, manage and respond to your messages with speed and ease.

Enhanced features, a simplified design, improved SPAM protection and extra storage space deliver better options and more convenient ways to manage your email.

Listen to your voice mail directly from the SmartZone® Communications Center then respond or forward it by email!

Listen to a voice mail message whenever you're online, then respond or send it along to someone else as an email. You can listen to voice mail in any order, regardless of when they were received, and refer to 90-days of call history records any time.

Combine your contacts from multiple online address books, email accounts, & computers into one place for the ultimate convenience.

Send eCards for holidays or special occasions. Get access to the premium enhanced features like Outlook/Mac synchronization, De-duper & Auto mated Backup & Recovery (a $59.95 value—free with your Comcast HSD subscription)

The all-new SmartZone® Calendar allows you to schedule everything in your life, right in one place online.

Now, you can manage your calendar (at home or on the go), keep track of appointments, get handy reminders, and share your schedule with anyone with an Internet connection in seconds.