WeOnlyDo! SSHpackage - 4 in 1

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WeOnlyDo! SSHpackage - 4 in 1是一個捆綁銷售包,包括:wodSSH、 wodSFTP、 wodSSHServer和wodSSHTunnel。

開發商:WeOnlyDo! Software Inc
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您可以使 服務器端 應用程序與wodSSHServer到:
  • 接受Telnet和SSH的連接終端接入
  • 提供SFTP(安全FTP)的文件傳輸
  • 提供安全的端口轉發的客戶端和第三之間的應用

  • 您可以使 客戶端 應用程序與wodSSH到:
    • 遠程訪問終端使用加密連接
    • 驗證使用密碼或私鑰
    • 要在服務器上執行命令
    • 創建交互式和無人參與會議與服務器

    您可以使 客戶端 應用程序與wodSFTP到:
    • 上傳和下載文件到服務器
    • 瀏覽遠程目錄結構
    • 創建和刪除目錄和文件
    • 粘貼數據到遠程文件,或閱讀它們作為字符串變量

    你可以 安全的隧道 ,以與wodSSHTunnel
    • 允許任何非安全應用程序連接到目標服務器通過安全隧道
    • 同時支持SSH1和SSH2協議
    • 使用內部壓縮 - 大小型帶寬

SSHpackage will help you implementing complete solution for secure (encrypted) communication in your project.

You can make server side application with wodSSHServer to:
  • accept telnet and ssh based connections for terminal access
  • provide SFTP (secure ftp) for file transferring
  • provide secure port forwarding between the client and 3rd applications

  • You can make client side applications with wodSSH to:
    • to remotely access to terminal using encrypted connection
    • to authenticate using password or private key
    • to execute commands on the server
    • create interactive and unattended session with the server

    You can make client side applications with wodSFTP to:
    • to upload and download files to the server
    • browse remote directory structure
    • create and delete directories and file
    • paste data to remote files, or read them as string variable

    You can make secure tunnels with wodSSHTunnel to
    • allow any non-secured application to connect to destination server through secure tunnel
    • support both SSH1 and SSH2 protocols
    • use internal compression - great for small bandwidths