Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac

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  • 卡巴斯基反病毒軟件提供了基於簽名的保護,從所有已知類型的威脅,包括病毒,蠕蟲,木馬和殭屍。
  • 當打開文件進行掃描,下載或保存,限制出入可疑文件和消毒他們只要有可能。
  • 卡巴斯基反病毒保護的威脅不僅限於對文件,音樂,照片和個人信息在您的Macintosh,它也抵禦新的威脅目標 30000其他類型的電腦每天,防止你從推卸到朋友和同事。


  • 卡巴斯基確保您的安全是完全是最新的,無需你動一根手指。
  • 更新包含新發現的威脅防護分配每日(或更經常地,如果需要),您的卡巴斯基軟件會自動更新到最新版本,因為他們被釋放。


  • 所有從網上下載的文件檢查對惡意軟件。 所有確定的威脅都將被阻止並伴有警報。


  • 您的電子郵件及其附件將受到保護的實時掃描。 被確定為威脅,他們將被封鎖,您將收到警報。


  • 重要的是要知道,卡巴斯基反病毒Mac是超過能夠保護自己。
  • 卡巴斯基反病毒軟件的Mac使用了多種技術,以確保保護不能修改或刪除。 密碼保護還可以防止人或惡意軟件的禁用或更改您的防病毒設置,有可能使您的Mac更容易受到攻擊。


  • 熟悉Mac風格界面使卡巴斯基反病毒Mac的高度直觀和用戶友好。


  • 卡巴斯基反病毒軟件的Mac提供屢獲殊榮的安全水平,而消費低於 1%的處理能力。


  • 從合格的技術人員的技術支持通過電話和電子郵件。
  • “我的卡巴斯基帳戶”服務要求的技術支持。FastTrack網絡支持包含常見問題數據庫。
  • 卡巴斯基知識庫 - 一個在線數據庫,詳細解答有關問題,安裝和使用卡巴斯基實驗室的產品

Core Protection

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus offers signature-based protection from all known types of threats including viruses, worms, Trojans and bots.
  • Files are scanned when opened, downloaded or saved, restricting access to suspicious files and disinfecting them whenever possible.
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus protection is not restricted to threats against files, music, photos and personal information on your Macintosh; it also defends against the 30,000 new threats that target other types of computers every day, preventing you from passing problems on to friends and colleagues.

Fully Automated Updates

  • Kaspersky ensures your security is completely up to date without you having to lift a finger.
  • Updates containing protection against newly identified threats are distributed daily (or more often if required) and your Kaspersky software is automatically updated to the latest versions as they are released.

Internet and Network Security

  • All files downloaded from the Internet are checked against malware. All identified threats are blocked and accompanied by an alert.

Email Protection

  • Your email messages and their attachments will be protected by real-time scanning. As threats are identified they will be blocked and you will receive an alert.


  • It’s important to know that Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac is more than capable of protecting itself.
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac uses a variety of techniques to ensure that protection cannot be modified or deleted. Password protection also prevents people or malware from disabling or making changes to your antivirus settings that could leave your Mac more vulnerable to attack.

Ease of Use

  • Familiar Mac-style interface makes Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac highly intuitive and user friendly.

High Performance

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac delivers award-winning security levels while consuming less than 1% of processing power.

Support and Services

  • Technical support from qualified technicians via telephone and email.
  • “My Kaspersky Account” service for requests to technical support. FastTrack Support containing a FAQ database.
  • Kaspersky Knowledge Base – an online database of detailed answers to questions about installing and using Kaspersky Lab products.