Kaspersky KryptoStorage

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Kaspersky KryptoStorage


卡巴斯基KryptoStorage確保您的機密加密的數據都留在事件的惡意攻擊,不安全的無線連接,即使您的筆記本電腦或存儲設備丟失或被盜。 加密的數據是唯一能夠通過一個強有力的密碼,具有較高的抗強力攻擊。


採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


卡巴斯基KryptoStorage確保您的機密加密的數據都留在事件的惡意攻擊,不安全的無線連接,即使您的筆記本電腦或存儲設備丟失或被盜。 不管是什麼威脅,你的個人數據仍然是安全的保護,以防止未經授權的訪問。


與卡巴斯基KryptoStorage,你可以鎖定你的寶貴數據容器外的數字,受強大的AES - 128強大的加密算法。 卡巴斯基KryptoStorage防止未經授權訪問您的加密數據。


一旦你創建了一個數字容器或加密的文件夾,你可以添加新的文件,它可以在任何時候你想。 你可以複製或移動到一個容器本身可移動存儲設備或其他計算機,甚至通過電子郵件發送。




加密的對象是密碼保護,所以沒有人將能夠訪問或破壞你的數據或者刪除你需要的文件。 您的數據也是安全的加密從流氓的襲擊,旨在從用戶勒索錢財。


一個常規刪除文件可以方便地恢復。 在案件丟失或被盜的筆記本電腦或驅動器這可以給您的機密信息脆弱。 卡巴斯基KryptoStorage將永久刪除一個文件,並恢復絕對不可能的。


現在你不必成為 IT嚮導來加密您的寶貴資料。 卡巴斯基KryptoStorage需要努力工作了保護您的個人資料。

Unparalleled protection for your data

Kaspersky KryptoStorage ensures that your encrypted data stays confidential in the event of malware attacks, unsecure WiFi connections and even if your laptop or storage device is lost or stolen. Whatever the threat, your personal data remains securely protected against unauthorized access.

Encrypt folders and disk partitions to prevent the theft of valuable data

With Kaspersky KryptoStorage, you can lock your valuable data away in digital containers, protected by the powerful AES-128 strong encryption algorithm. Kaspersky KryptoStorage prevents unauthorized access to your encrypted data.

Add new files to your digital containers at anytime and transfer them quickly and easily to removable storage media or other computers

Once you have created a digital container or an encrypted folder, you can add new files to it at any time you wish. You can copy or move the container itself to a removable storage device or another computer, or even send it via email.

Encrypt data "on the fly" and retain full access to the encrypted data

Once you open the encrypted folder, disk or digital container using your password, you can confidently work with the encrypted data knowing that it is completely inaccessible to cybercriminals.

Restrict access to your encrypted data and protect it from modification or deletion

The encrypted objects are password-protected, so no-one will be able to access or corrupt your data or delete the files you need. Your data is also safe from rogue encryption attacks designed to extort money from the user.

Permanently delete files or folders from your computer

A conventionally deleted file can easily be restored. In the case of a lost or stolen laptop or drive this can leave your confidential information vulnerable. Kaspersky KryptoStorage will permanently delete a file, making recovery absolutely impossible.

Use state-of-the-art encryption technology

Now you don't have to be an IT wizard to encrypt your valuable information. Kaspersky KryptoStorage takes the hard work out of protecting your personal data.