Kaspersky Mobile Security 9

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Kaspersky Mobile Security 9您撥打電話,發送短信服務,瀏覽網頁和溝通,每天通過社會網絡。 您的智能手機是你的生命。 卡巴斯基手機安全讓你的私人生活真正私有。

採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

  • 隱私保護-你的眼裡只有 你擁有專屬控制你的聯繫人和電話號碼,你想保持私人'。 隱藏和取消隱藏電話簿條目,短信服務和呼叫日誌在觸摸一個按鈕。
  • 找到丟失或被盜的智能手機 ,你可以找到丟失或被盜的智能手機使用內置的全球定位系統查找功能。
  • 安全聯繫人,照片和文件,從未經授權的訪問 ,你可以儲存你所有的數字資產在加密文件夾和遠程塊或擦拭你的智能手機如果丟失或被盜。
  • 推銷電話或手機簡訊座 ,你可以過濾掉惱人的來電和短信服務的指定聯繫人黑名單和白名單。
  • 家長控制 ,您可以限制孩子的來電和短信服務(如塊保險費率號)和追踪他們的下落使用全球定位系統查找。
  • 保護您的智能手機免受惡意軟件和網絡攻擊 卡巴斯基手機安全9提供所有你需要保護你的智能手機不受傷害,包括實時反惡意軟件掃描,自動更新,阻止危險的網絡連接等等。

  • Privacy Protection - for your eyes only You have exclusive control over which of your contacts and phone numbers you want to keep ‘private’. Hide and unhide phonebook entries, SMSs and call logs at the touch of a button.
  • Locate a lost or stolen smartphone You can locate a lost or stolen smartphone using the inbuilt GPS Find function.
  • Secure contacts, photos and files from unauthorized access You can store all your digital assets in encrypted folders and remotely block or wipe your smartphone if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Block unwanted calls or SMSs You can filter out annoying calls and SMSs by assigning contacts to black lists and white lists.
  • Parental control You can restrict your children’s calls and SMSs (e.g. block premium rate numbers) and keep track of their whereabouts using GPS Find.
  • Protect your smartphone from malware and network attacksKaspersky Mobile Security 9 provides all you need to protect your smartphone from harm, including real-time antimalware scans, automatic updates, blocking of dangerous network connections and much more.