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快速幫助是一個Windows幫助文件生成,產生在線和離線文檔。 編譯下面的任何格式,都來自同一個來源的編輯。 這意味著您鍵入一次編譯到你需要的任何格式。

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  • HtmlHelp(。中藥)
  • WinHelp中(。HLP的)
  • 網站幫助
  • 可打印的手冊
  • 微軟 Word手冊
  • PDF格式
  • Windows移動幫助
  • wxWidgets的幫助

一次又一次,我們已經選擇了我們的競爭對手,因為快速幫助您節省時間和金錢是令人難以置信的直覺和生產。 為什麼你寶貴的時間花費在陡峭的學習曲線與其它產品時,您可以創建一個全功能的幫助文件中有一分鐘下快速幫助。 然後你需要做的就是輸入的幫助文本。我們有一個忠實的客戶基礎,範圍從獨立開發的公司一樣,美國航天局,通用汽車,3M公司和摩托羅拉公司。 下載一個全功能的試用版現在,看看我們之所以轉向幫助創作業的頭!

Fast-Help is a Windows Help File Generator that produces online and offline documentation. Compile to any of the following formats, all from a single source editor. That means you type once and compile to whatever format you need. 

  • HtmlHelp (.CHM)
  • WinHelp (.HLP)
  • Website Help
  • Printable Manuals
  • MS Word Manuals
  • PDF
  • Windows Mobile Help
  • wxWidgets Help

Time and again we've been chosen over our competitors because Fast-Help saves you time and money by being incredibly intuitive and productive. Why spend your valuable time on steep learning curves with other products when you can create a fully functional help file in under One Minute with Fast-Help. Then all you have to do is type in the help text. We have a loyal customer base that range from independant developers to companies like, NASA, General Motors, 3M and Motorola. Download a fully functional trial version now and see why we have turned the help authoring industry on its head!