NetAdvantage Ultimate

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Infragistics首頁創建高影響ASP.NET,Windows窗體,WPF,Silverlight中,jQuery的報告,數據可視化和移動應用程序,所有在一個盒子無限的可能性。,隨著一個強大的包9產品,新NetAdvantage ®旗艦版使您能夠創造高性能,功能齊全的用戶界面,無論是桌面,Web或移動平台上 。

這個版本是一個 jQuery控制客戶端的工具及新的控件和功能,以幫助你更好的可視化,報表和共享數據。你還會發現增強的互操作性與微軟 ®的Word ®,包括一個單詞庫,跨多個平台推出。我們甚至還推出了“IG主題”,一個引人注目的視覺風格,這將使您的應用程序看起來令人耳目一新的現代和傳統的Microsoft Office ®​​品牌不同。

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Features At A Glance

Blazing speed and pure performance for your HTML5 solutions on any device - Target the "modern" Web with the fastest jQuery grid anywhere with NetAdvantage for jQuery. Based on emerging Web technologies including CSS3, HTML5 and streaming video, this suite of lightweight, high performance ASP.NET MVC and client-side jQuery controls can create compelling user experiences across all Web browsers and devices. Microsoft Office 2010 integration in this jQuery toolset enables you to create and work with Word documents, Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets, and PDF/XPS files from within jQuery Web applications running on .NET.

Build rich, Line of Business user interfaces with a Windows® experience and Office 2010 style - Our continued investment in Windows Forms means the addition of new features, including: our Microsoft Word Library with an object model for creating new Word documents; Ribbon End User customizations that let you customize tabs, groups and items; Word Writer controls for increased collaboration; and an IG Theme style library to give you a complete visual makeover for your applications.

Create Web applications with all of the "desktop" richness to which users are accustomed - Our complete ASP.NET AJAX-based toolset now includes an HTML5 WebVideoPlayer™, WebUpload™ for single and multiple file uploads, and Persistence Framework to serialize end user settings across all controls. jQuery template support bolsters the dominance of our high performance ASP.NET AJAX data grids, trees and dropdown controls.

Move between WPF and Silverlight Line of Business platforms with clear and consistent APIs - Our Unified XAML Product Strategy between WPF 4 and Silverlight 4 (and later) controls offers you cross-platform controls with the quality and performance needed to create innovative experiences. Create Microsoft Office-centric applications with both WPF and Silverlight, and take advantage of new XAML scheduling and grid control features, as well as a new calendar control that mimics the Windows 7 system calendar.

Easily deliver high-end BI and Data Visualization applications and dashboards - Unique to NetAdvantage for WPF Data Visualization and NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization products is our Motion Framework™, which empowers you to show your end users the immersive and animated "story" of their data, as it unfolds over time. Additional new enhancements include: OLAP Pivot Grid support for XMLA and Oracle® databases; the xamNetworkNode™ for creating visual representations of network relationships; and UI Automation for enabling developers to build automated UI test scripts. Additional functionality like the xamOrgChart™, xamBarcodeReader™ and xamPieChart™ rounds out these two powerful Data Visualization suites.

Go Mobile with NetAdvantage for Windows Phone - Create mobile applications full of vivid visualizations with touch and gesture support optimized for the mobile form factor. We're deepening your toolbox with new mobile user interface controls based on our award-winning NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization controls. Get started today in creating your own rich and vivid Microsoft Windows Phone® 7 applications.

NetAdvantage Reporting (Community Technology Preview) - With industry firsts such as native WPF and Silverlight-based design-time and rendering capability, NetAdvantage Reporting will deliver the "must-have" features for reporting, including support for Images, Filtering, Alignment, Headers, Footers, Grouping, Export to PDF reports and Excel workbooks, and more, including the ability to host the report viewer in Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF or Silverlight applications. By subscribing to NetAdvantage Ultimate, you will automatically receive this new product release, with expected availability in Q3 2011.

IG Theme - Do everything "IN" style by applying our new IG Theme to your controls, so your applications' UIs look modern and different from the standard Microsoft Office application look and feel.