Desaware Licensing System

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Desaware Licensing System
Desaware Licensing System是一個保護你的.NET代碼,防被盜的工具。

開發商: Desaware, Inc.

02-8231-5565 ,

在Desaware發牌制度適用於 Windows窗體應用程序,ASP.Net應用程序,Web服務,Windows服務,組件和類庫。

  • 支持演示,安裝簡單,基於服務器激活特許計劃。
  • 包括可再發行組件許可,許可服務器和管理功能。
  • 高度可配置和可集成到自己的後端系統。

The Desaware Licensing System works with Windows forms applications, ASP.Net applications, web services, Windows services, components and class libraries.

  • Supports demo, simple installation and server based activation licensing schemes.
  • Includes the redistributable licensing component, licensing server and management functionality.
  • Highly configurable and can be integrated into your own back-end systems.