SerialShield SDK Evaluation Edition

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SerialShield SDK是一個新的,免版稅和許可複製保護解決方案的專業軟件出版商誰想要得到完全控制的軟件許可的申請。 

使用所有功能於一身的保護,以保護您的。NET和Win32項目,創建許可證關鍵輕易您未使用不同的解決方案projects和節省資金。它是用來補充evaluation capabilities到應用程序和handles所有方面的應用是確保您的在其評估期和正式註冊在一個特定的機器。 

開發商: Ionworx Technology.
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


· Antidebugging,Antitracing和AntiMonitors防止應用分析 
· AES的Rijndael的安全加密技術來保護串行關鍵
·機器 ID控制,以防止對 unautorised複製安裝
·支持的。NET(X32號位只)和Win32應用程序 - 所有功能於一身
·支持Windows XP中,Vista中,七,2003年服務器
·網上展廳 /租賃軟件到您的客戶
·分發您的軟件在互聯網上,媒體支持CD / DVD光碟


SerialShield SDK is a new, royalty-free copy protection and licensing solution for professional software publishers who wants to obtain total control of software licensing for their applications.

Use all-in-one protection to protect your .NET and Win32 project, create license key easily for your projects without use different solution and save money. It is used to add evaluation capabilities to your applications and handles all aspects of ensuring your application is within its evaluation period and properly registered on a specific machine. 

Our software protection algorithm is different than other protection schemes, because it supports all the latest data security techniques and features :

· Antidebugging, Antitracing and AntiMonitors to prevent application analysis
· AES Rijndael Secure encryption technology to protect the Serial Key
· MachineID Control to prevent against unautorised copy installation
· Detects backdating or demo reinstallation to gain additional usage
· Online Activation(optional) to allow the final user to obtain unlock key via email
· Serial ID generator to identify each copy and lock the key with this Serial ID
· Support .NET (x32 bit only) and Win32 application - All-in-one
· Support Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 2003 Server
· Easy to use with ergonomic interface
· AutoUpdate via software directly to stay always up-to-date
· Create your own license generator using our SDK License Generator
· Create evaluation copies of your software by days, uses or run counts
· Rent / lease software to your customers
· Send customers a demonstration of your software to evaluate before purchasing
· Distribute your software on the Internet, media support CD/DVD-Rom
· Affordable price compared to others .NET protection