WebMark 2004

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WebMark 2004

WebMark ® 2004,最新版本的Internet客戶端度量基於現實生活的網路技術,措施,使電腦的性能比較。 這是一種地面行動的發展,具有新的用戶驅動的工作量。 WebMark是基於一個基礎廣泛的新興使用模式的研究和計算的趨勢。 它採用了最新的基準測試方法來評估平台技術。

WebMark 2004年是網路技術為基礎的基準,準確地反映了企業用戶的使用模式在兩個網路使用的類別-信息處理和商業交易。 每一類代表了一個模擬用戶的工作量完成一組共同的任務。


開發商: Business Applications Performance Corporation.
原廠網址: http://www.bapco.com/products/webmark2004/

採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

  • WebMark 2004年是一個重要的推動易於使用的Internet客戶端的測試環境。
  • 具有兩種操作模式,正式成績報告,或者可以在網上和離線模式。 脫機模式下,用戶會發現在互聯網客戶端性能的個人電腦使用的內容存儲在本地。網上模式需要額外的服務器主機測試的內容,而且進一步使用戶能夠衡量額外的技術,如SSL(安全套接字層)和網絡服務。
  • 它是第一個基準使用Internet技術專家(與在至少五年的專業經驗)全面發展內容,並在整個行動中所使用的benchmark。 因此,2004年包含WebMark科學方法設計的工作量,代表了一系列的活動,互聯網用戶在商業環境中遇到的問題。
  • 隨著大量驗證跨平台,用戶可肯定,一致的和可靠的性能比較。

WebMark® 2004, the latest version of the Internet client metric based on real world Internet technologies, measures and enables comparison of PC performance. It is a ground-up development, featuring new user driven workloads. WebMark is based on a foundation of extensive research into emerging usage models and computing trends. It incorporates the latest benchmarking methodologies to evaluate platform technologies.

WebMark 2004 is an Internet technology based benchmark that accurately reflects usage patterns for business users in two Internet usage categories - Information Processing and Commercial Transactions. Each category represents the workload of a simulated user accomplishing a set of common tasks.

Benchmarks designed by BAPCo are the result of a cooperative agreement between industry leading companies from a variety of disciplines ranging from publications, testing labs, PC manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturing. BAPCo's depth of membership represents the breadth of the computing industry and harnesses a consortium of knowledge.

Why use the latest version of WebMark?

  • WebMark 2004 represents a significant advance in ease of use for the testing of Internet client environments.
  • Featuring two modes of operation, official scores can be reported in either on-line and offline mode. Offline mode enables users to discover the Internet client performance of their PC using content stored locally. On-line mode requires an additional server to host test content but further empowers users to measure additional technologies such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and web services.
  • It is the first benchmark to use Internet technology experts (with at least five years of professional experience) to completely develop the content and operations used throughout the benchmark. As a result, WebMark 2004 contains scientifically designed workloads that represent a range of activities that an Internet user in the business environment may encounter.
  • With extensive validation across multiple platforms, users can be sure of a consistent and reliable performance comparison.