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AQtrace是一個現成的 錯誤報告和決議制度,提供了一個簡單的方法開發團隊來監測其應用程序的執行對最終用戶的工作站,並自動獲得一個 全面詳細的錯誤報告 ,幫助查找原因,問題很快。

開發商:SmartBear Software
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AQtrace類似錯誤報告制度實施的Windows操作系統。 最有可能你已經看到了錯誤消息框顯示由操作系統的應用程序執行時,一個關鍵的操作。 此消息框通知用戶有關的問題,並建議用戶發送錯誤報告給微軟。

AQtrace作品多以同樣的方式。 它監測應用程序的執行,如果發生異常,它會顯示一個通知窗口,通知最終用戶有關的問題,並建議用戶發送錯誤報告給應用程序開發人員。

Detect and Report Errors Automatically

Modern applications become more and more complex and may include hundreds of various modules. So, reproducing a problem that occurs on an end-user’s computer and searching for its cause may take vast amounts of time. AQtrace is a ready-made error-reporting and resolution system that provides an easy way for development teams to monitor their application’s execution on an end-user’s workstation and automatically receive a full-detailed error report that helps find the cause of the problem quickly.

AQtrace is similar to the error-reporting system implemented by Windows. Most likely you’ve seen the error message boxes that are shown by the operating system when an application performs a critical operation. This message box informs users about the problem and suggests that the user sends an error report to Microsoft.

AQtrace works much in the same way. It monitors the application execution and if an exception occurs, it displays a notification window that informs the end-user about the problem and suggests that the user sends an error report to the application developer.