PassMark OSCheck

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PassMark OSCheck™是一種工具,允許系統集成商和電腦維修中心,以快速驗證安裝的作業系統及其他應用軟件。 
丟失的文件,文件損壞和過時的系統文件之前,可以發現它們所造成的問題。 這可能是有用的生產線環境或檢查電腦已經回來修理。 OSCheck也可以是有用的安全工具,用於檢測文件可能已被更改或修改軟件或惡意入侵者。


開發商: PassMark® Software
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

簽字可以創建一個特定的文件結構。 簽字包含完整的細節目前在選定的所有文件在個人電腦上的目錄(文件名,文件大小,校驗等..)。 此簽名可以保存供日後參考和比較,目前在其他電腦文件。

在兩種情況下進行了比較和簽名不匹配,不同的報告顯示創建。 通過查看在報告中強調差異是可能的概率評估軟件的安裝不正確。 其他功能還包括:
  • 一個全面的幫助文件。
  • 能夠創建一組目錄掃描
  • 極高的速度掃描。 數以千計的文件時,每分鐘或10校驗和使用的數以千計的文件,每分鐘不校驗。
  • 日誌文件,其中包含的文件而破裂落入後續類別。 額外的,失踪,不同規模,不同屬性,創建時間或不同時間,不同的修改。
  • 選擇開啟或關閉的文件校驗。

PassMark OSCheck™ is a tool that allows systems integrators and PC repair centers to quickly verify the installation of the operating system and other software applications. Missing files, corrupted files and out of date system files can be detected before they cause a problem. This can be useful in a production line environment or for checking PCs that have come back for repair. OSCheck can also be useful security tool for detecting files that may have been changed or modified by malicious software or intruders.

Systems administrators and software product support personnel may also be able to use this tool to compare the current configuration of a PC to a known standard configuration.

A signature can be created of a particular file structure. A signature contains the complete details of all files present in selected directories on the PC (file name, file size, checksum, etc...). This signature can then be saved for future reference and compared to the files present on other PCs.

In the case where two signatures are compared and don't match, a report showing the differences is created. By looking at the differences highlighted in the report it is possible to assess the probability that the software installation is incorrect. Other features include:

  • A comprehensive help file.
  • The ability to create a list of directories to scan
  • Extremely high speed scanning. Thousands of files per minute when checksums are used or ten of thousands of files per minute without checksums.
  • A log file that contains a breakdown of files which fall into the follow categories. Extra, Missing, Different size, Different attributes, Different creation time or Different modify time.
  • The option to turn file checksums on or off.