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TestExecute for TestComplete


TestComplete的 自動測試, 測試結果和查看電腦上沒有TestComplete安裝。 


開發商: SmartBear Software
原廠網址: http://www.automatedqa.com/products/testexecute/
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

TestExecute支持所有TestComplete自動化測試(關鍵字驅動測試, 測試腳本, 負載測試, 單元測試 和許多其他人),提供了相同的自動測試功能,使用相同格式的測試結果,並可以延長使用相同的插件和腳本擴展。 它可以安裝在物理和虛擬機和使用範圍廣泛的測試環境配置。

由於 TestExecute可分配給最終用戶(內部和外部的組織),AutomatedQA提供了數目不同的定價方案的再分配。

下載免費 演示版 的TestExecute並嘗試今天。

TestExecute is a light-weight resource-friendly utility that allows testers to run TestComplete’sautomated tests and view test results on computers that do not have TestComplete installed. TestExecute enables QA departments the ability to test applications in real life user environments — like customer sites — without the need to install TestComplete on the target machine.

TestExecute supports all TestComplete automated tests (keyword-driven tests, test scripts, load tests, unit tests and many others), provides the same automated testing functionality, uses the same format for test results and can be extended with the same plug-ins and script extensions. It can be installed on both physical and virtual machines and used in a wide range of test environment configurations.

Since TestExecute can be distributed to end-users (both within and outside your organization), AutomatedQA offers a number of different pricing options for redistribution.

Download a free demo version of TestExecute and try it today.