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TestRecorder for TestComplete
TestRecorder是一組運行時庫將分發給您的 32位 和 64位 應用程序。
 一旦納入您的應用程序,TestRecorder完全記錄 最終用戶操作的二進制格式。 
後來,記錄的數據可以被轉換成與 TestComplete 到關鍵字或易於閱讀測試腳本代碼在VBScript,JScript中,DelphiScript的C + +或C#腳本腳本。 

這些腳本告訴你到底在做什麼是用戶應用程序的執行過程中-讓您可以準確地重複序列的用戶操作通過TestComplete或 TestExecute。

開發商: SmartBear Software
原廠網址: http://www.automatedqa.com/products/testrecorder/
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


傳統上,當用戶遇到一個問題,一個意想不到的行為,或錯誤,他們提交了一份報告,您的技術支持基礎設施。 每個科技報告可能包括“必要步驟來重現。”通常的步驟是不足以提供真正的調試 /明白的核心問題。 這反過來導致字符串通信與最終用戶能夠充分理解究竟發生了 - 一個高度效率低下,往往是無效的方式來解決特定問題。

隨著 TestRecorder,你不再需要鬥爭,這神秘的溝通方式 - 你不再需要猜測用戶實際做 - 你不再需要浪費時間和金錢無休止的技術支持查詢。 當您在應用程序中包括TestRecorder,你需要從用戶請求是自動生成的文件。 你甚至可以讓應用程序發送文件,自動為你!

這些文件產生 TestRecorder是一個完整的記錄所有用戶操作,鼠標點擊,按鍵,此外還有,應用程序內執行。 在通話記錄從開始申請到TestRecorder引擎,每個行動,返回到您的應用程序代碼,它可以選擇將其發送到一個腳本文件,它的反應,或乾脆放棄它。

這是令人難以置信的容易,加入TestRecorder在當前和未來的項目。 它包括ActiveX和VCL控件旨在提供易於控制TestRecorder引擎。 為了使您的應用程序TestRecorder,你只需要設置一些屬性並創建一個函數,將過程記錄的指示。

TestRecorder包括兩個包: TestRecorder 86 和 TestRecorder支持X64 它們提供了相同的功能,但彼此不同的類型支持的應用程序:

該 TestRecorder 86包包含庫,可用於 32位Windows和。NET應用程序在32位和64位Windows操作系統。
該 TestRecorder庫,支持X64包包含可用於 32位和64位應用程序在64位Windows操作系統。

TestRecorder is a set of runtime libraries to be distributed with your 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Once incorporated into your application, TestRecorder fully records end-user actions in the binary format. Later, the recorded data can be converted with TestComplete to a keyword test or easily readable script code in VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C++Script or C#Script. These scripts tell you exactly what a user was doing during application execution — allowing you to accurately repeat the sequence of user actions via TestComplete or TestExecute.

Why You Need TestRecorder

Traditionally, when users are met with a problem, an unexpected behavior, or a bug, they submit a report to your technical support infrastructure. Each tech report might include the “steps needed to reproduce.” Often, the steps offered are insufficient to truly debug/understand the core of the problem. This in turn causes a string of communications with the end-user to fully comprehend what actually occurred — a highly inefficient and often ineffective way to address a given problem.

With TestRecorder, you no longer have to struggle with this arcane mode of communication — you no longer have to guess what the user was actually doing — and you no longer have to waste time and money on endless tech support inquiries. When you include TestRecorder in your application, all you need to request from the user is the auto-generated file. You can even have your application send the file to you automatically!

The files generated by TestRecorder are a complete record of all user actions, mouse clicks, keystrokes, plus more, performed within the application. Recording begins on a call from the application to the TestRecorder engine, and each action is returned to your application code, which can opt to send it to a script file, react to it, or simply discard it.

It is incredibly easy to incorporate TestRecorder in your current and future projects. It includes both ActiveX and VCL controls designed to provide easy control of the TestRecorder engine. To enable TestRecorder in your apps, you only need to set a few properties and create a function that will process recorded instructions.

TestRecorder includes two packages: TestRecorder x86 and TestRecorder x64. They provide the same functionality, but differ from each other by the type of supported applications:

The TestRecorder x86 package contains libraries that can be used with 32-bit Windows and .NET applications on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
The TestRecorder x64 package contains libraries that can be used with 32-bit and 64-bit applications on 64-bit Windows operating systems.