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Code Co-op Screen Capture點對點版本控制系統,通過Code Co-op來組織和管理你用多種開發語言的windows項目。


開發商:Reliable Software, LLC.




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  • 執行標準的VCS沒有網絡連接功能
  • 協作與團隊成員在世界任何地方使用電子郵件,局域網,或VPN
  • 消除依賴和維護一個中央服務器
  • 從 LAN交換機或電子郵件配置容易


  • 包括所有類型的文件在你的項目
  • 訪問您的項目歷史比較,查看,恢復,或分行的文件或您的項目以 任何 時間點。
  • 審查修改或比較文件使用內置的視覺迥異
  • 訪問多個項目在一個單一的界面。
  • 會後文件自動向Web服務器進行測試和審查。


  • 管理多文件更改原子
  • 後勤工程自動


  • 使用現有的基礎設施,合作與發展商和關閉的網站-沒有服務器需要。
  • 添加到您的開發版本控制,減少金錢和時間花費在維修和它應用到你的開發-所有為149美元,每工作站*.


  • 並行發展
  • 接收項目的更改時自動辦理登機手續作出,以便您的項目始終保持了最新
  • 回顧傳入的變化,編輯在現場


  • 微軟 Visual Studio.NET中時,Visual Studio
  • Borland的Delphi和C + + Builder中,版本5或更高版本
  • 視覺 SlickEdit
  • Macromedia的ColdFusion和霍姆斯特
  • Starbase Codewright
  • IBM的視覺時代
  • 無法比擬的2.1 或更高版本
  • 加上其他工具使用MS SCC的空氣污染指數
  • 加上 命令行小程序


  • 使用容易遵循的GUI和嚮導來設置您的團隊在任何時間
  • 可選的初學者閱讀的技巧是最流行的命令後,以解釋其功能。
  • 使現有的項目樹版本控制下一個命令
  • 拖放或複製 /粘貼文件到代碼合作社

Code Co-op Features

Work with a Server-less Architecture

  • Perform standard VCS functions without a network connection
  • Collaborate with team members anywhere in the world using Email, LAN, or VPN
  • Eliminate the reliance on and maintenance of a central server
  • Switch from LAN or Email configuration easily

Manage Code Changes

  • Include all types of files in your project
  • Access your project history to compare, view, restore, or branch files or your project to any point in time.
  • Review changes or compare files using the built in Visual Differ
  • Access multiple projects within a single interface.
  • Post files automatically to a web server for testing and review.

Work Confidently with a Secure Database

  • Manage multi-file changes atomically
  • Back-up projects automatically

Improve Productivity for Minimal Cost

  • Use your existing infrastructure to collaborate with developers on and off site - no server required.
  • Add version control to your development and minimize the money and time spent on maintenance and apply it to your development -- all for $149 per workstation*.

Manage Team Development

  • Develop in parallel
  • Receive project changes automatically when a check-in is made so your project is always kept up-to-date
  • Review incoming changes and edit on the spot

Integrate your Development Environment

  • Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Visual Studio
  • Borland Delphi and C++ Builder, versions 5 or later
  • Visual SlickEdit
  • Macromedia ColdFusion and Homesite
  • Starbase Codewright
  • IBM Visual Age
  • Beyond Compare 2.1 or later
  • Plus other tools using the MS SCC API
  • Plus command-line applets

Implement Code Co-op Quickly and Easily

  • Use the easy to follow GUI and wizards to set up your team in no time
  • Read the optional Beginner's Tips which pop up after most commands to explain its function.
  • Bring existing project tree under version control with one command
  • Drag and drop or Copy/Paste files into Code Co-op