OidView Professional

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OidView SNMP Network Management Tools

OidView是一個模塊化的SNMP MIB瀏覽器的分析工具和網絡管理愛好者! 隨著新技術的出現ByteSphere產生新的模塊,使用OidView。控制台是心OidView,貸款控制管理員在多種方式。管理SNMP MIB瀏覽器 和分析會議,圖MIB值,微量的PDU,捕獲SNMP陷阱和編譯的MIB都在觸摸一個按鈕。

採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

瀏覽MIB的SNMP代理 - OidView支持所有SNMP版本的SNMPv1,SNMPv2c和SNMPv3的,包括自動測定SNMP版本和SNMPv3引擎發現。

多個會話 - MIB瀏覽器 可以分析多達10 SNMP代理,也可以一次打開一個無限數量的MIB瀏覽器-這是革命性的,因為大多數其他MIB瀏覽器迫使你打開一個新的應用。 OidView有標籤瀏覽器,讓你選項卡之間來回比較值等有選擇性地加載到單個或多個MIB的會話。 立即比較表格或繪製的結果集,而無需在分析過程中失去勢頭。 多個子模塊,每個活動可以啟動會話。 負載舊會話或在活動的會話配置觸摸一個按鈕。

檢查Mibwalks - OidView MIB瀏覽器 可以分析Mibwalks以及現場的SNMP代理。 直播時使用的SNMP代理或模擬器是不可用! 需要時也很有用,以模擬一過大mibwalk。 使用我們的免費walkAgent工具獲取MIB的“快照”的代理人,或者使用mibwalks從其他工具(OidView目前支持多種不同版本的mibwalks)。 新mibwalk定義為導入的MIB瀏覽器可以通過XML定義。

內置MIB編譯器和MIB經理 - OidView可以說是擁有最先進的管理和用戶界面的SNMP MIB編譯器。這是完全有能力編制標準和供應商的專有SMIv1的和SMIv2的MIB定義的ASN.1。 MIB的可裝載和/或編譯的任何順序排列。
該OidView MIB編譯器會自動搜索所需要的定義,記住常用的MIB文件夾,甚至會允許在編譯時修改。 一些MIB的別名設置為其他人來幫助編制老,陳舊的MIB或MIB的非標準或不正確的導入語句(屏幕截圖)。


Browse MIBs of SNMP Agents - OidView supports all SNMP versions SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3, including automatic determination of SNMP version and SNMPv3 Engine Discovery.

Multiple Sessions - MIB Browser can analyze up to 10 SNMP Agents at once and can also open an unlimited number of MIB Browsers - this is revolutionary as most other MIB Browsers force you to open a new application. OidView has tabbed browsers, allowing you to tab back and forth between them to compare values, etc. Selectively load MIBs into single or multiple sessions. Instantly compare tabular or graphed result sets without having to lose momentum during analysis. Multiple sub modules can be launched per active session. Load old sessions or configure active sessions at the touch of a button.

Examine Mibwalks - OidView MIB Browser can analyze Mibwalks as well as live SNMP agents. Use when a live agent or an SNMP simulator isn't available! Also useful when needing to simulate an excessively large mibwalk. Use our free walkAgent tool to get MIB "Snapshots" of an agent, or use mibwalks from other tools (OidView currently supports many different versions of mibwalks). New mibwalk definitions for import by MIB Browser can be defined via XML.

Built-in MIB Compiler and MIB Manager - OidView arguably has the most advanced SNMP MIB Manager and UI compiler available. It is fully capable of compiling both Standard and Vendor Proprietary SMIv1 and SMIv2 ASN.1 MIB Definitions. MIBs can be loaded and/or compiled in any order.
The OidView MIB Compiler will automatically search for needed definitions, remembers commonly used MIB folders, and will even allow edits during compile time. Setup some MIBs as aliases to others to aid in compilation of older, out-of-date MIBs or MIBs with non-standard or incorrect IMPORT statements (screen shot).