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Market Research Software, Conjoint analysis - Sawtooth TechnologyWinCati功能,如最佳做法研究員,為您提供樣品管理,呼叫調度,配額管理,處置的監測和呼叫管理功能,是首屈一指的。 其面試官生產力和樣品的報告功能是靈活而簡單。 我們的共通感WinCati面試系統提供先進的問卷創作功能以及自動測試和在線數據管理功能。

開發商:Sawtooth Technologies
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


  • 功能強大的訪
    WinCati的面試軟件是先進的共通感寫作和管理系統電腦輔助問卷。 其廣泛的功能,讓任何人創建簡單的問卷,問卷有效地迅速和複雜。
  • 快速輕鬆地設置研究
    WinCati是一種先進的CATI系統,可讓您設置複雜的研究與緊迫使用現有的工作人員。 您沒有轉身離去快速掉頭研究或現場他們在紙面上。
  • 智能管理研究
    WinCati適合你是專家監事。 它使成千上萬的決定,每一秒鐘,以確保您的研究,管理嚴格和您的確切規格。
  • 生產和負擔得起的撥號選項
  • 預先定義的報告
    WinCati的內置報告給你所有你需要的信息,以有效管理研究 - 有沒有設置。 而且,它是第一個 CATI系統來計算 AAPOR結果率。
  • 便於學習
    WinCati非常簡單。 我們已經完成了艱難的工作,為你設計一個複雜的系統,該系統簡單,直觀。 監事可以訓練的時間,而不是幾天,面試可以在幾分鐘內進行培訓,而不是小時。
  • 標準 PC技術
    WinCati納入主流個人電腦的硬件和軟件。 兼容和廉價的設備,軟件工具和系統支持都是現成的,你就不會被套牢過時技術的未來。
  • 可擴展性
    隨著 WinCati,你可以開始投資水平在適合您的組織,然後擴大,因為你的成長。 如果你開始與連網 CATI系統少於 20台,你可以使用一個對等網絡,避免了成本的網絡軟件和文件服務器,然後遷移到Windows網絡時,你的成長。 在任何情況下,當它的時間擴大,全部購買價格貴面試系統,記入一個新的價格體系相同的版本。
  • 一個系統的電話訪問,Web和電話訪問 /網絡混合模式訪談
    與 WinCati的混合模式選項,你可以做純電話訪問,純 Web,或合併電話訪問 /網絡訪問。 沒有其他系統是完全集成。
  • 用戶利益
    用戶和評論家們都提到了權力我們的產品,其易於使用,我們出色的文件,我們的客戶提供快速支持。 此外,鋸齒技術出版通訊和舉辦研討會和會議,讓使用者可以分享經驗,學習新的應用和技術。
  • 負擔能力
    WinCati為您提供世界級的CATI系統以合理的價格。 它也提供了更多的標準功能,比任何其他系統。
  • 價值
    總體而言,WinCati提供了最好的電話訪問值的任何地方。 這意味著您可以為您的客戶反應迅速的服務和質量數據,仍然中標。

WinCati offers:

  • Powerful Interviewing Capabilities
    WinCati’s interviewing software is the advanced Sensus system for writing and administering computer-aided questionnaires. Its extensive capabilities let anyone create simple questionnaires quickly and complex questionnaires efficiently.
  • Quick and Easy Study Setup
    WinCati is an advanced CATI system that lets you set up complex studies with tight deadlines using your existing staff. You don’t have to turn away quick turn-around studies or field them on paper.
  • Intelligent Study Administration
    WinCati works for you like an expert supervisor. It makes thousands of decisions every second to ensure that your studies are administered rigorously and to your exact specifications.
  • Productive and Affordable Dialing Options
    WinCati’s Rapid Dial can increase interviewer productivity 10-20% at a substantially reduced cost compared to traditional dialers.
  • Pre-Defined Reports
    WinCati’s built-in reports give you all the information you need to effectively manage a study - there’s no setup. And, it is the first CATI system to compute the AAPOR outcome rates.
  • Ease of Learning
    WinCati is deceptively simple. We’ve done the hard work for you by designing a sophisticated system that is uncomplicated and intuitive. Supervisors can be trained in hours, rather than days; interviewers can be trained in minutes, rather than hours.
  • Standard PC Technology
    WinCati incorporates mainstream PC hardware and software. Compatible and inexpensive equipment, software tools, and system support are readily available, and you won’t be stuck with obsolete technology in the future.
  • Expandability
    With WinCati, you can start at the level of investment appropriate for your organization and then expand as you grow. If you start with a networked CATI system with fewer than 20 stations, you can use a Peer-to-Peer network, avoiding the cost of network software and a file server, and then migrate to a Windows network when you grow. In any case, when it’s time to expand, the full purchase price of your interviewing system is credited toward the price of a new system of the same version.
  • One System for CATI, Web, and CATI/Web Mixed Mode Interviewing
    with WinCati’s Mixed Mode option, you can do pure CATI, pure Web, or combined CATI/Web interviewing. No other system is as fully integrated.
  • User Benefits
    Users and reviewers alike have cited the power of our products, their ease-of-use, our outstanding documentation, and our responsive customer support. In addition, Sawtooth Technologies publishes newsletters and holds seminars and conferences where users can share experiences and learn new applications and technologies.
  • Affordability
    WinCati offers you a world-class CATI system at an affordable price. It also offers more standard features than any other system.
  • Value
    Overall, WinCati provides the best CATI value anywhere. This means you can offer your clients responsive services and quality data and still win bids.