Neverfail provides software that protects companies against the impact of IT outages.

An effective business continuity strategy understands the business impact of downtime and focuses resources on those critical processes that success depends on. We call this Continuous Availability.  The Neverfail approach is to ensure the primary business applications of email, databases, collaboration and others will remain available 24x7,
even when disaster strikes. By focusing on specific applications Neverfail provides very cost effective solutions which focus on eliminating the highest risk.

Thousands of companies around the world address their High Availability and Disaster Recovery needs using Neverfail software to ensure that users can continue working irrespective of whether IT systems go down due to unexpected events, or as part of planned maintenance activities.

We develop software that is designed to be straightforward to install, protects mission-critical applications through embedded rules and has the intelligence to auto-configure and auto-maintain those rules over time. 
Neverfail has so many customers, across the world, because the software delivers immediate return on investment and has a very low total cost of ownership. We are a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner and additionally we have a number of OEM agreements with major technology companies, for example VMware embeds Neverfail technology into their vCenter Server Heartbeat product deliver continuous availability.

Originally Neverfail was founded as a company to advise and assist organizations with their business continuity strategies, this lead to the release of Neverfail Heartbeat as the definitive shared nothing solution for high availability that combines replication, monitoring and automation which is the solution of choice to protect downtime.