Patton & Patton


Patton & Patton Software has been dedicated to providing quality flow chart software to our customers for more than 28 years. 

Patton & Patton Software Corporation was founded in 1982 by a father and son team whose desire was to create a program that would allow users to create, edit, and print flow charts.  Other family members have since joined the business, as well as a number of dedicated employees involved in marketing, programming, customer service, and other departments.

The focus then, as it is now, is to offer a superior program that it is easy to learn and easy to use.  Our programs have always been simple, quick, and designed to produce professional flow charts, org charts, and data flow diagrams.

The company lost a founder last year. Bill Patton Sr. passed away suddenly in February of 2010. His passion for all things quality related lives on, as does his love of flowcharting and golf. He is missed by many and the company sincerely thanks all who expressed their condolences.

A brief product history: 

1983Flow Charting I (for the Apple Computer) released
1984Flow Charting II (IBM PC Version) released
1986Flow Charting II+ released (development focused on PC)
1989Flow Charting 3 released
1993Flow Charting 3 (French and Portuguese Versions) released
1994Flow Charting 4 released
1994Flow Charting 4 (French Version) released
1997Flow Charting PDQ released
1999Flow Charting PDQ Lite released
2002Flow Charting 5 released
2003Flow Charting 5 Rental Version released
2007Flow Charting 6 released