Since 1994, PayneGroup has provided software, training and publications. We first started by providing services to Microsoft, then Microsoft referred us to law firms where we gained a strong reputation for excellence in the industry which we maintain to this day. Our expertise has expanded to government and corporations. Now our client base for our software includes more than 3 million people worldwide. Our services division has helped thousands of organizations move to new software. Best of all, our very first client is still an active client after all of these years. We pride ourselves on customer service and being able to take care of our clients.

Donna Payne, CEO of PayneGroup steps in front of the camera to talk about the company and her opinion about what makes us different.

PayneGroup was first named Payne Consulting Group but in July 2009, our name was changed to PayneGroup. We have not participated in any mergers. Our team has very low turnover which makes our company stable and provides consistency to our clients.