EMCO MSI Package Builder

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創建 MSI程序包和轉換 EXE來微星還沒有採取行動

一個創新的工具自動生成的Windows Installer軟件包。 它可以幫助你創建 MSI文件準備靜默無人參與的安裝在遠程電腦通過域的組策略或埃姆科遠程安裝程序。 獨特的技術使任務創造全新的設施,現有的定制和轉換 EXE來微星全自動,費力和可預見性。

Create MSI Packages and Convert EXE to MSI With No Efforts

An innovative instrument for automatic generation of Windows Installer packages. It helps you create MSI files ready for silent unattended installation on remote PCs through the domain's Group Policy or EMCO Remote Installer. The unique technology makes the tasks of creating brand-new installations, customizing the existing ones and converting EXE to MSI fully automatic, effortless and predictable.

原廠網址: http://www.emco.is/products/msi-package-builder/features.php
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創建 MSI程序包,它可以安裝在本地電腦上手動或自動遠程 PC通過組策略或埃姆科遠程安裝程序。
直觀的可視化編輯器來管理文件,文件夾,註冊表和環境的安裝項目。真正的視覺方式 - 無需編程技能的要求。
'實時監控的技術,使捕獲的文件系統和註冊表的變化所造成的任何應用程序。 收集的數據用於微星創造。
反編譯,這使得反編譯現有封裝,改變和創造一個新的自定義 MSI包。
安裝 Windows服務。 服務項目可以定義可視化編輯器中手動或來自監測結果。

Key Features

Creation of MSI packages, which can be installed manually on a local PC or automatically on remote PCs through Group Policy or EMCO Remote Installer.
Intuitive visual editor for managing files, folders, registry and environment installation entries. Truly visual approach - no programming skills required.
'Live Monitoring' technology that enables capturing of file system and registry changes caused by any application. Collected data used for MSI creation.
Decompilation, which allows decompiling the existing package, making changes and creating a new customized MSI package.
Installation of Windows services. Service entries can be defined manually in the visual editor or come from the monitoring results.
Extended installation management features: system variables support, control of files and registry keys overwriting, file attributes support, files and registry keys permanence options, etc.