Faronics Device Filter

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Faronics Device Filter Mac

Faronics設備過濾 MAC使系統管理員可以允許或禁止的設備連接到企業工作站。

Essential Connection Control
Faronics Device Filter Mac enables system administrators to allow or prevent devices from connecting to enterprise workstations.

Faronics設備篩選器讓 IT管理員有能力阻止外圍設備連接到桌面計算機。 任何外圍設備,如一個 iPod,USB驅動器,藍牙電話或數碼相機,可有效控制,以防止未經授權的數據傳輸或連接的產生。IT人員可以永久轉讓,臨時或一次性只授權給設備,還可以分配的限制,過濾設備或網絡連接的能力。 隨著使用報告生成能力,設備過濾器允許系統管理員監控網絡的全連接和文件傳輸設備已經發生。

Faronics Device Filter empowers IT administrators with the ability to block peripheral devices from connecting to desktop computers. Any peripheral device—such as an iPod, USB drive, Bluetooth phone, or digital camera—can be managed to prevent unauthorized data transfers or connections from taking place. IT personnel are able to assign permanent, temporary, or one-time-only authorizations to devices, and can also assign constraints to filter devices or network connections based on capacity. With the ability to generate usage reports, Device Filter allows system administrators to monitor the network-wide device connections and file transfers that have taken place.

開發商: Faronics Corporation
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


設備篩選器可以幫助組織確保公司的數據保持安全,防止數據被轉移場外沒有必要的權限級別。 員工和遊客誰試圖未經授權的數據連接會發現他們的企圖否認和記錄在系統日誌中。 IT管理員可以查看日誌來確定源的入侵。


其中一個後果的廉價和普及性的便攜式存儲的是,它成為一個管道的惡意軟件。 只要一個員工或訪客的便攜式驅動器連接到公司電腦,他們所冒的風險,無論是意外或故意,網絡系統感染惡意軟件的任何驅動器上。 裝置過濾器可防止這種威脅阻止所有未經授權的數據連接從發生。

Prevents Data Theft

Device Filter helps organizations ensure that corporate data remains safe by preventing data from being transferred off-site without the necessary permission levels. Employees and visitors who attempt an unauthorized data connection will find their attempts denied and recorded in the system logs. IT administrators can review the logs to determine the source of the intrusion.

Prevents Malicious Uploading

One of the consequences of the cheap and popular nature of portable storage is that it becomes a conduit for malicious software. As soon as an employee or visitor connects a portable drive to a corporate computer, they run the risk—whether it is accidental or intentional—of infecting network systems with any malicious software on the drive. Device Filter protects against this threat by blocking all unauthorized data connections from taking place.