Nworks VMware management

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Plugin for VMware monitoring management with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

保護您在微軟系統中心的投資和管理您的物理和虛擬環境從一個控制台管理包的Veeam nworks™為 VMware。
該 nworks管理包提供了可擴展,容錯和無代理的VMware基礎架構監控和管理,直接在微軟系統中心,不再需要一個單獨的監測框架。

Protect your investments in Microsoft System Center and manage your physical and virtual environment from one console with the Veeam nworks Management Pack™ for VMware.

The nworks Management Pack provides scalable, fault-tolerant and agentless VMware infrastructure monitoring and management directly in Microsoft System Center, eliminating the need for 

開發商: Veeam Software
原廠網址: http://www.veeam.com/vmware-microsoft-esx-monitoring.html
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


該 nworks管理包提供連續監測的最大,最苛刻的虛擬環境。 它採用了集中管理,分佈式體系結構水平“沒有限制”的可擴展性和自動故障轉移和負載平衡的高可用性。 優化,用戶可配置的數據公佈和使用方法,連續採樣監測,性能優化供應商和其他高級功能的信息系統中心提供最大與最小的開銷。


國會議員的nworks完全集成VMware和系統中心。 它使所有系統中心的功能,包括警報,圖表,儀表板,報告,審計,通知,答复和自動化,為所有VMware組件,包括vCenter,集群,主機,虛擬機,存儲和硬件。 它包括一個詳細的健康與數以百計的度量模型和事件,包括先進的指標,如內存壓力和磁盤 I / O每秒所特有的nworks,以及一個全面的知識基礎,作為您的VMware“專家在一個盒子裡“。

雖然 nworks國會議員本身收集的VMware數據 agentlessly,它完全集成的應用程序數據從虛擬機內部運行的代理商。 通過這種方式,它提供終端對終端可視性從物理服務器,系統管理程序,對虛擬機和應用程序和服務運行那裡。


國會議員的nworks收集數據 agentlessly從 vSphere空氣污染指數,從而消除了“隧道視野”的一劑操作系統運行在虛擬機和開銷,風險和壽命有限的代理運行在管理程序。 該 nworks國會議員已經證明自己在500多個企業部署。 這是一個可擴展的,可靠的和成熟的解決方案,表現的非常好VMware和系統中心。


該 nworks國會議員提供了靈活的意見,您的虛擬環境。 例如,您可以查看信息按部門或地點,或設置閾值和警報功能的服務器或服務水平協議。 國會議員的nworks整合Veeam商報™,無成本的實用工具,自動歸類虛擬資源根據您的特定規則,簡化管理,確保每一個虛擬機監控根據業務優先級。


國會議員的nworks現在包括新的nworks專業包™為 VMware。 一起,nworks MP和專業包關閉循環在VMware監測自動化問題的解決使用系統中心虛擬機管理器(SCVMM)。

Enterprise strength

The nworks Management Pack provides continuous monitoring of the largest, most demanding virtual environments. It features a centrally managed, distributed architecture for horizontal "no limits" scalability and automatic failover and load balancing for high availability. Optimized, user-configurable data publication methods and use of consecutive sample monitors, optimized performance providers and other advanced features of System Center deliver maximum information with minimal overhead.

Complete integration

The nworks MP integrates fully with both VMware and System Center. It enables all System Center functionality—including alerts, diagrams, dashboards, reporting, auditing, notifications, responses and automation—for all VMware components, including vCenter, clusters, hosts, virtual machines, storage and hardware. It includes a detailed health model with hundreds of metrics and events, including advanced metrics such as memory pressure and disk I/O per second that are unique to nworks, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base that serves as your VMware "expert in a box."

While the nworks MP itself collects VMware data agentlessly, it fully integrates application data from agents running inside virtual machines. In this way, it provides end-to-end visibility from the physical server, to the hypervisor, to the virtual machines and the applications and services running there.

Proven architecture

The nworks MP collects data agentlessly from the vSphere API, eliminating the "tunnel vision" of an OS agent running in the VM and the overhead, risk and limited lifespan of an agent running in the hypervisor. The nworks MP has proven itself in more than 500 enterprise deployments. It's a scalable, reliable and mature solution that performs well with both VMware and System Center.

New perspectives

The nworks MP provides flexible views of your virtual environment. For example, you can view information by department or location, or set up thresholds and alerts by server function or service-level agreement. The nworks MP integrates with Veeam Business View™, a no-cost utility that automatically categorizes virtual resources according to your particular rules, to streamline administration and ensure that every VM is monitored according to business priorities.

Closing the loop

The nworks MP now includes the new nworks PRO Pack™ for VMware. Together, the nworks MP and PRO Pack close the loop on VMware monitoring by automating problem resolution using System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM).