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CyberSentinel Box

CyberSentinel™ 是一種易於使用的產品,恢復控制家長要引導孩子使用計算機的安全並保護他們免受有害和惡意的影響。

開發商: Forensic Software Ltd
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


您還可以使用一個廣泛的內置報告,讓你知道你的孩子如何使用計算機,讓您作出明智的決策,他們應該和不應該能夠訪問。 該軟件提供的監測和保護,每天24小時,每週7天,無論您身在何處。

CyberSentinel™ 記錄所有網站和聊天會話對每個用戶的基礎上,並提供屏幕捕獲任何被禁止的內容,如色情網站,掠奪性的談話或不適當的資料或文件。 它可以讓你的時間管理的網絡連接和顯示你自己的家可接受的使用政策。

保護和檢測與 CyberSentinel™:

  • 實時保護網絡,即時通訊,聊天室,電子郵件和P2P
  • 電子郵件和文本電腦使用不當的通知
  • 即將卸任和即將上任的審查所有信息
  • 檢測,採集,記錄和報告所有的家用電腦的濫用,立即
  • 或主動選擇隱身模式運作
  • 座不適當網站(例如網站具有色情,暴力,吸毒,自殺諮詢)
  • 限制上網時間
  • 禁用聊天,消息和其他應用程序在某些時候

CyberSentinel is an easy-to-use product that restores control to parents who want to guide their children to safe use of the computer and protect them from harmful and malicious influences.

It offers dynamic, real-time access to your child’s computer use, including all Internet activity, and gives you the ability to review what they are seeing and doing on and offline.

You also have access to a wide array of built-in reports which let you know how your child is using the computer and allow you to make informed decisions about what they should and should not be able to access. The software offers monitoring and protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you are.

CyberSentinel™ logs all web sites and chat sessions on a per-user basis and provides screen captures of any prohibited content such as pornographic web sites, predatory conversations or inappropriate data or documents. It allows you to time-manage internet access and display your own home Acceptable Use Policy.

Protect and detect with CyberSentinel™:

  • Real-time protection for Internet, instant messaging, chat-rooms, email and P2P
  • Email and text notification of inappropriate computer usage
  • Review all outgoing and incoming information
  • Detect, capture, log and report all home PC misuse, immediately
  • Choose stealth or active modes of operation
  • Block inappropriate Internet sites (such as sites featuring sex, violence, drugs, suicide advice)
  • Restrict time access to the Internet
  • Disable chat, messaging and other applications at certain times