EMCO Permissions Audit XML

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更有效地參與一個網絡管理員的工具包。 其中一項任務形成一個網絡管理員的工作清單是保持眼睛的權限的網絡共享和文件夾,不僅這一點,但也給它們設置使得只有授權用戶訪問敏感數據,並在大型網絡,這不是一件容易的事安靜。

More effective part of a network administrator's toolkit. One of the tasks form a network administrator's to-do list is to keep an eye on the permissions for network shares and folders not only this but also to set them such that only authorized users have access to sensitive data; and for a large scale networks, it's not quiet an easy task.


採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

EMCO Permissions Audit XML讀主要特點 描述如下:

  • 掃描不同的網域/工作組對所有可用的服務器只有一個單一的鼠標點擊
  • 擷取各種不同的權限基礎的信息從服務器上的域名
  • 無需安裝任何客戶端軟件在遠程計算機上
  • 所有提取信息的組織在一個新的和非常好看
  • 在屏幕上生成報告的數據提取
  • 打印您的報告
  • 基於用戶獲取數據訪問
  • 獲取數據的基礎上的資源訪問
  • 進入文件夾中顯示可用資源
  • 顯示的信息全部或選定的用戶
  • 濾波器提取信息股
  • 濾波器提取信息文件夾
  • 比較不同的共享掃描數據
  • 比較不同的文件夾掃描數據
  • 定義備用憑據來執行掃描操作
  • 提取信息提供用戶和組只有一個單一的點擊鼠標
  • 設置權限共享本地和遠程計算機
  • 設置權限的文件夾在本地和遠程計算機
  • 極低的網絡負載

The main features of EMCO Permissions Audit XML Edition are described below:

  • Scan different domain/workgroups for all available servers with just a single mouse click
  • Fetch a variety of permission based information from servers on a domain
  • No need to install any client software on remote machines
  • All fetched information is organized in a new and nice look
  • Generate on screen reports for the fetched data
  • Print your reports
  • Fetch data based on user access
  • Fetch data based on resource access
  • Show access to folders in available resources
  • Show information about all or selected user
  • Filter fetched information about shares
  • Filter fetched information about folders
  • Compare different share scans data
  • Compare different folder scans data
  • Define Alternate Credential to perform scan operations
  • Fetch information about available users and groups with just a single click of mouse
  • Set permissions for share on local and remote machines
  • Set permissions for folders on local and remote machines
  • Very low network load