EMCO Remote Administration

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其實,這是下一個版本的EMCO Network Management 2.0用新的名稱和更強大的功能和優勢。 這是一個很好的工具進行遠程部署,幫助系統管理員來執行包和腳本( (.exe, .bat, .cmd .msi, .vbs, .js)如為無人值守安裝服務包和修補程序。
This is actually a next version of EMCO Network Management 2.0 with a new name and with more superior and powerful features. It's an excellent tool for remote deployment that helps system administrators to execute packages and scripts (.exe, .bat, .cmd .msi, .vbs, .js) for unattended installations like Service Packs and Hotfixes.

原廠網址: http://www.emco.is/products/remote-administration/features.php
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

EMCO Remote Administration具有以下主要特點:
  • 易於安裝和開始。
  • 直觀、簡易上手的使用界面。
  • 只需點擊一下游標即可搜尋區網內可用機器。 
  • Scan LAN for all available machines and domains with one mouse click.
  • 現在收集了各種各樣的信息從遠程計算機內存的詳細信息,包括銀行,修補程序,數碼產品 ID和安裝的應用程序。
  • 遠程部署應用程序的機器上你的網絡。
  • 內置宏編劇創建腳本文件與 60多個拖放功能,選擇在一個創紀錄的時間。 能夠發送一個腳本文件和行動,數以百計的電腦一桿和運行具有管理員權限。
  • 同時執行更多的腳本,然後一個電腦與一桿。
  • 進展和豐富的調度特點,安排不同的任務自動執行。
  • 動作如重新啟動,運行過程中,殺死進程,合併註冊表文件。
  • 自動安裝和管理的遠程服務。
  • 目標計算機可以過濾信息埃姆科遠程管理遠程計算機已被從它自己的數據庫,例如操作系統,服務包,應用程序或自定義掃描數據。
  • 績效管理,在這裡您可以管理運行的應用程序和進程,並期待在性能曲線圖的CPU和內存使用遠程計算機上。
  • 輕鬆部署服務包和熱修補程序。
  • 遠程安裝,配置和刪除應用程序在遠程計算機上。
  • 完全控制的動作與宏觀腳本記錄。
  • 無盡的可能性,配置和修改Windows操作系統的遠程計算機。
  • 可新增自定義掃描的註冊表、文件和服務。

EMCO Remote Administration has the following key features:

  • Easy installation and get started within a few minutes.
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Scan LAN for all available machines and domains with one mouse click.
  • Now collect a wide variety of information from remote machines including detailed information about memory banks, Hotfixes, Digital products IDs and installed applications.
  • Remotely deploy applications on machines on you network.
  • Built-in Macro Scripter to create script files with over 60 drag and drop functions to choose from in a record time. Ability to send a script file and actions to hundreds of computers in one shot and run with administrator privileges.
  • Simultaneous execution of scripts on more then one computers with one shot.
  • Advances and rich scheduling features, to schedule different tasks to execute automatically.
  • Actions like Reboot, Run Process, Kill Process, Merge Registry file.
  • Automatic installation and management of remote services.
  • Target computers can be filtered by information that EMCO Remote Administration has pulled from remote machines to its own database, such as operating system, service packs, applications, or custom scan data.
  • Performance Manager, where you can manage running applications and processes and look at performance graph of CPU and memory usage on remote computers.
  • Easy deployment of Service packs and hot fixes.
  • Remotely install, configure, and remove applications on remote computer.
  • Full control of Actions and Macro Scripts logging.
  • Endless possibilities to configure and modify Windows operating systems on remote machine.
  • Add custom scan criteria for registry, file and services.