EMCO Remote Screenshot

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一個直觀的工具,讓您謹慎查看活動的遠程用戶在任何台式機上的網絡很容易。 你可以採取截圖的遠程機器上的網絡,並將它們保存到一個文件在本地計算機上。 應用程序可以被配置為自動捕獲截圖從遠程機器後,在指定的時間間隔和保存到文件中的各種圖像格式。

Capture a Screenshot from Any Remote Desktop in Local Network

An intuitive tool allowing you to discreetly view the activity of a remote user on any desktop of your network easily. You can take screenshots of the remote machines on your network and save them to a file on your local computer. Application can be configured to automatically capture screenshots from the remote machines after a specified period of time and saving them to files in a variety of image formats.

採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


  • 截圖捕捉任何遠程桌面在本地網絡,即時在屏幕上預覽。
  • 隱形及無形的屏幕捕獲機制。 遠程用戶無法察覺的事實,他的桌面上觀察。
  • 優化的數據傳輸機制。 截圖捕捉和傳輸只需要一瞬間。
  • 兩種操作模式:截圖採取按一個按鈕或自動捕獲過程在指定的時間間隔。
  • 使用全尺寸截圖捕捉最大分辨率和鼠標指針。
  • 自動捕獲截圖存檔在硬盤上的JPEG文件的壓縮與定制。
  • 沒有具體的要求。 採取遠程截圖你只是需要有一個管理權限的遠程電腦。

Key Features

  • Screenshots capture from any remote desktop in the local network with immediate on-screen preview.
  • Stealth and invisible screenshot capture mechanism. Remote user can't detect the fact that his desktop is observed.
  • Optimized data-transfer mechanism. Screenshots capture and transmission takes just a split second.
  • Two modes of operation: screenshot taking by pressing a button or automatic capture process after a specified interval.
  • Getting full-sized screenshots with maximum resolution and captured mouse pointer.
  • Automatic archiving of captured screenshots on the hard disk as JPEG files with customized compression.
  • No specific requirements. To take a remote screenshots you just need to have an administrative access to remote PCs.